Dr Annamaria Carusi

Annamaria Carusi is at the Oxford University Computing Laboratory. She has interests in philosophy of science and technology, social studies of science and technology, and computing and information ethics.


Dr Annamaria Carusi has a dual background in literary and cultural studies and in philosophy. She is currently conducting research into social, ethical and institutional aspects of e-science, and has done extensive research in e-learning. She has designed and taught several online courses.

Research interests

philosophy of science and technology, social studies of science and technology, computing and information ethics

Positions held at the OII

  • Research Associate, November 2006 - September 2009


Past projects

  • Physical Science Information Practices

    September 2010 - July 2011

    Exploring the information seeking, organizing, archiving and communicating capacities of physical sciences communities as a study case (and role model) for effective information processing regimes and behaviours in complex problem-solving tasks.

  • Humanities Information Practices

    February - November 2010

    Many humanities scholars are enthusiastic users of digital resources, however there is a potential mismatch between what (and how) resources are offered, and how scholars might use them. How should they be designed to ensure maximum use by scholars?

  • OeSS: The Oxford e-Social Science Project

    October 2005 - March 2012

    The Oxford e-Social Science project aims to understand how e-Research projects negotiate various social, ethical, legal and organizational forces and constraints, in order to help researchers avoid these problems when building scientific collaborations.