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Copyright Policy

Copyright Policy

© University of Oxford for the Oxford Internet Institute 2022. This work may be copied freely for non-commercial research and study. If you wish to do any of the other acts restricted by the copyright you should apply in writing to the Director of the Institute at 1 St Giles’, Oxford OX1 3JS, England.


As an educational institution, it is the aim of the OII to bring the fruits of our research and its implications to as wide an audience as possible through our website. We are also committed to stimulating and informing debate about policy and practice and, to this end, our events programme includes many invited speakers both from academia and from industry, government and NGOs. We aim to make their contributions, as well as those of members of the University of Oxford, freely available for non-commercial purposes.

To achieve this we aim to seek copyright in materials produced by invited speakers and authors who are not members of the University of Oxford which are distributed through our website. These materials include research papers available as electronic downloads and recordings of talks which are webcast. This enables us at the OII to have the option to continue to distribute these materials in other formats such as DVD or via third party portals (such as iTunes) and in new formats (as yet unknown) as they arise.

In return for assigning the copyright to the University, we grant authors and speakers a non-exclusive licence to use their materials in any way they like and for any purpose. In accepting this licence, authors are free to give the same talk somewhere else or to publish a paper elsewhere based on it or exploit the ideas contained in it in other ways.

Users of this website may also make use of these materials posted on our website but only for non-commercial research and study.