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Executive Education

Executive Education

Digital technology is transforming society — and with it the landscape for businesses and policy makers. Yet the broad scope, complexity and rapid pace of change can deter conversation beyond expert circles at a time when it is more vital than ever to ensure that diverse voices and positions are heard in public debate.

The Oxford Internet Institute has delivered executive education programmes for senior government and business leaders in the United Arab Emirates, for senior public servants in the Government of Indonesia, and delivers modules as part of the Internet Society’s Early and Mid Career Fellowship Programmes.

If you would like to discuss how the OII can boost capability and understanding of digital and technology policy issues within your organisation, please email Mark Malbas, Head of External Affairs.

In previous years OII ran the Internet Leadership Academy, a short course designed to stimulate informed discussion of all sides of the major policy debates shaping our digital future. Supported by Google, this invitation-only programme gathered policy and thought leaders from around the world for a series of lectures, seminars and panel sessions led by expert OII faculty and grounded in academic research.