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Professor Andrew Przybylski

Professor of Human Behaviour and Technology

Andrew Przybylski

Professor of Human Behaviour and Technology


Andrew K. Przybylski is the Professor of Human Behaviour and Technology at the University of Oxford. Professor Przybylski investigates how online social media and video games platforms shape human motivation and influence the health and well-being of their users.  

Professor Przybylski has published more than 100 peer reviewed academic and conference papers which have been cited more than 20,000 times in the past decade. He is a frequent commentator on the effects of internet-based technology on our lives and works closely with national and global policymakers to empower users and independent scientists to address the most pressing questions of health and human development in the digital age.  

Professor Przybylski’s research, commentary, and contributions are regularly featured in The Guardian, The New York Times, Wired Magazine, The Washington Post, The Financial Times, The Week, and international outlets including the BBC World Service and PRI’s The World.   

In acknowledgment of his scientific and policy achievements he was recently appointed as an Honorary Professor at The Educational University of Hong Kong’s Centre for Psychosocial Health where he is working to build mutually beneficial relationships between the students and faculty of both institutions.  

His undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral degrees were earned at the University of Rochester in the United States.  

Areas of Interest for Doctoral Supervision

Digital well-being, online platform data donation, online trace data, online victimisation, social media, video games and mental health.  

Research Interests

Human motivation, mental health, open science, meta science  

Positions at the OII

  • Professor of Human Behaviour and Technology, August 2022 -
  • Director of Research, March 2018 - April 2022
  • Associate Professor, July 2017 - August 2022
  • Senior Research Fellow, December 2016 - August 2022
  • Research Fellow, September 2013 - December 2016


Integrity Statement

Professor Przybylski’s work is financially supported by the Huo Family Foundation, UK Research and Innovation, and the Economic and Social Research Council. In previous years, his research was funded by The British Academy, The Diana Award, The Leverhulme Trust, Barnardo’s, and the University of Oxford’s John Fell Fund. 

I am currently contributing as a scientific advisor to the Sync Digital Wellbeing Program, and I conduct my research in line with the University’s academic integrity code of practice.



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