Piers O'Hanlon

		Piers O'Hanlon

Piers O'Hanlon's expertise is in the area of networked systems, media transport, and security. His current research is in the area of security and privacy in federated sensor networks.


Piers O'Hanlon has been involved with research into Internet based systems since the early nineties. His current research focusses on security, privacy, and congestion control. Whilst at University College London he also worked on networked multimedia transport over IPv4 and IPv6, large-scale conferencing applications, grid systems, and network testbeds. He has significant expertise in these areas, having worked on, and managed, a number of UK-, EU-, and US-funded research projects. He is an active participant in the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), having authored a number of standards and drafts in media transport, emergency services, and signalling areas. He has participated in the Open Grid Forum (OGF) as a working group chair, and authored a number of standards documents. He has also consulted for a number of organisations and companies.

Positions held at the OII

  • Researcher, May 2013 -
  • Fresnel Research Fellow, June 2011 - April 2013


Current projects

  • Digital Personhood: Being There: Humans and Robots in Public Spaces (HARPS)

    October 2013 - September 2016

    This project considers the challenges of having robot proxies in public spaces. It will conduct experiments exploring trust in shared social settings, and develop a framework for understanding the impact of privacy / anonymity in human-robot interactions.

  • Future Home Networks and Services

    May 2011 - April 2014

    This project is addressing home network and service security by researching and developing security frameworks for sharing between networks and devices, protocols to connect devices with cloud services, and security analysis of remote management systems.

Past projects

  • FRESNEL: Federated Secure Sensor Network Laboratory

    January 2010 - April 2013

    FRESNEL aims to build a large scale federated sensor network framework with multiple applications sharing the same resources, where reliable intra-application communication is guaranteed, as well as a scalable and distributed management infrastructure.


Conference papers

  • DFlow: Low delay congestion Control, Capacity Sharing Workshop (CSWS13), co-located with the 21st International Conference on Network Protocols (ICNP'13), October 2013, G├Âttingen, Germany. To be published on ┬áIEEE Xplore.
  • Latency signals, ISOC Latency Workshop, September 2013, London.
  • de Souza, T., Wright, J., O'Hanlon, P. and Brown, I. (2012) Set Difference Attacks in Wireless Sensor Networks. Proceedings of SecureComm, Italy, September 2012.
  • O'Hanlon, P. (2008) The AVATS and SUMOVER projects: The media tools continue. Proceedings of the 8th Annual AccessGrid Retreat, Vancouver, Canada, May 2008.


  • Westerlund, M., Johansson, I., Perkins, C., Carlberg, K. and O'Hanlon, P. (2012) Explicit Congestion Notification (ECN) for RTP over UDP. IETF RFC6679, Proposed Standard, August 2012.
  • Carlberg, K. and O'Hanlon, P. (2008) Telephony Routing over IP (TRIP) Attribute for Resource Priority. IETF RFC 5115, Jan 2008.