Dr Daniel Villar Onrubia

 Dr Daniel Villar Onrubia

Daniel Villar Onrubia is an OII DPhil student researching open educational initiatives and practices in the Higher Education sector.


Daniel is interested in the social and cultural implications of ICTs in Higher Education contexts. His work attempts to provide an in-depth understanding of the socio-technical factors that both enable and constrain the provision of open educational resources (OER) at several Spanish universities. In this regard, it focuses on the role of open educational practices in relation to the strategic orientation of universities as well as to the values, attitudes, aims and day-to-day activity of educators.

He is currently involved in the OportUnidad project as a Research Assistant, and during his time at the OII he has also co-directed, along with Isis A. Hjorth, the Remix Cinema Workshop, a student-led initiative funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) as part of the Beyond Text programme. Additional support for this event was secured from UNIA Prácticas y Culturas Digitales, St. Antony’s College, Modern Art Oxford and the Instituto Cervantes. Under the title Expanded University, in 2009 he co-directed a series of events consisting of a symposium and a workshop organised by the International University of Andalusia (UNIA) in collaboration with Spain's School for Industrial Organisation (EOI).

Daniel holds a BA in Media Studies from the University of Seville (Spain), an MA in Digital Technologies, Information & Communication and a Postgraduate Certificate in e-Learning, both the latter from the Spanish National Distance University - UNED. Prior to coming to the OII he worked at UNIA as coordinator of the area of digital corporate communication.

His doctoral studies are partially funded by the Regional Ministry of Innovation and Science of Andalusia and he is grateful for this support. He has been awarded the Oxford-Santander Graduate Award 2011-12.

Research interests

learning and technology, open educational practices, open educational resources (OER), open access, Higher Education institutions, knowledge commons, social informatics, digital literacies, remix practices, visual methods

Positions held at the OII

  • DPhil Alumnus, July 2014 -
  • DPhil student, October 2009 - July 2014


Past projects



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  • Freire, J. and Villar Onrubia, D. (2009) Pensamiento de diseño y educación. El Espacio-Red de Prácticas y Culturas Digitales de la UNIA. I+Diseño (Revista Internacional de Investigación, Innovación y desarrollo en Diseño) 1 (1) 68-72.
  • Villar Onrubia, D. (2005) Hacia una Televisión Pública 2.0: El Creative Archive de la BBC. Comunicar: Revista Científica Iberoamericana de Comunicación y Educación 25.


  • Villar Onrubia, D. (2007) Imágenes compartidas. Sobre los usos sociales de la fotografía en la cultura digital. In Sierra (ed.) Iberoamérica: comunicación, cultura y desarrollo en la era digital. Sevilla: Universidad de Sevilla, Secretariado de Publicaciones.
  • Villar Onrubia, D. and Romera García, E. (2007) Traducción y manipulación informativa en el entorno mediático contemporáneo. In: I.Pliego (ed.) El poder de la palabra. Aportaciones a la traducción desde la filología. Sevilla: Editorial Bienza.

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