Roy Nyberg

 Roy Nyberg

Roy Nyberg is an OII DPhil student. He has interests in the area of organizational theory and technological innovation.


My DPhil thesis investigates the communicative political behaviour behind the emergence of technology innovation. Following recent literature in the field of economic sociology it takes technology emergence as dependent on institutional change, such as the adoption of a technical standard or new rules of market competition in an industry. Such changes take place through collective action where partisan actors confront each other with conflicting claims and arguments, resulting in a dialectical process that creates and changes institutional arrangements. As a case study I am tracking the emergence of mobile technology into health care. This area is undergoing a stage of early development, an 'era of ferment', that consists of communications that seek either to promote or negate the adoption of this technology innovation. My research focuses on the UK and Finland, which are both advanced in mobile technology markets, yet have different histories in the evolution of telemedicine and differently organised health care systems.

My other academic interests cover strategic management, technology and innovation as well as organisational challenges in a world of institutional change.

My own history consists of two degrees in political science and one in management and organisation theory, at York University (Canada), the London School of Economics, and the Said Business School, Oxford, respectively. In addition, my professional career includes technology and strategy implementation work in the airline industry, in regional government (in Finland) as well as in an entrepreneurial capacity.

Research interests

organizational change and excellence, strategic management, diffusion, innovation, market building, public sector management, organizational strategy work and new technologies, philosophy of social science in the age of the Internet

Positions held at the OII

  • DPhil student, October 2009 -


Nyberg, R. (forthcoming) Examining Institutional Entrepreneurship at Early Moments: The Case of Mobile Health in England and Finland. DPhil Thesis, Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford.



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