We welcome established scholars, industry leaders, practitioners, civil society advocates and policy makers to visit us for a defined period to study or pursue research concerning the social impact of the Internet and related ICTs.

Please check our Visitor Programme page if you would like to apply for a Visiting Fellowship or Post Doctoral Fellowship at the Oxford Internet Institute.

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Current visitors

  •  Dr Tom Chatfield

    Dr Tom Chatfield

    Visiting Associate

    Tom Chatfield is a British author, broadcaster and tech philosopher. The author of six books exploring digital culture, he is currently researching critical thinking in the 21st century.


  •  Dr Ralph Straumann

    Dr Ralph Straumann


    Ralph Straumann has earned his PhD in Geography from the University of Zurich with foci in geographic information science and cartography. He specialises in research about geographies of the Internet and user-generated content.

  •  Professor Richard Susskind OBE

    Professor Richard Susskind OBE

    Visiting Professor

    A pioneer in the field of information technology and law, Richard Susskind is IT Adviser to the Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales, and chairman of the Advisory Board of the Oxford Internet Institute.

  •  Professor Judy Wajcman

    Professor Judy Wajcman

    Visiting Professor

    Judy Wajcman is the Anthony Giddens Professor of Sociology at the London School of Economics and Political Science.

Past visitors

  •  Hal Abelson

    Hal Abelson

    Former Visiting Fellow

    Hal Abelson is a Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at MIT. Abelson has a broad interest in information technology and policy, and a longstanding interest in using computation as a conceptual framework in teaching.

  •  Dr Robert Ackland

    Dr Robert Ackland

    Former Visiting Fellow

    Robert Ackland is a Fellow at the Australian National University (ANU). He has interests in the development of new methods (and associated e-Research tools) for quantitative analysis of social and economic phenomena on the Internet.

  •  Richard Allan

    Richard Allan

    Former Visiting Fellow

    Richard Allan is a member of the Information Select Committee and the Liaison Committee of the House of Commons. He speaks and writes on a range of technology related subjects, including the development of e-democracy and e-government.

  •  Dr Miriyam Aouragh

    Dr Miriyam Aouragh

    Former Rubicon Postdoctoral Fellow

    Miriyam Aouragh has interests in mobility, interactivity, empowerment, grassroots activism and the construction of (imagined) online communities. She is studying the implications of new generation/Internet 2.0 for Palestinian and Lebanese activists.


  •  Dr Ann-Sofie Axelsson

    Dr Ann-Sofie Axelsson

    Former Visiting Fellow

    Ann-Sofie Axelsson is a lecturer and researcher at Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden. At the OII she undertook research on ethical, legal and institutional dynamics of e-science in Sweden.

  •  Dr Maria Bakardjieva

    Dr Maria Bakardjieva

    Former Visiting Fellow

    Maria Bakardjieva is an Assistant Professor of Communication and Culture at the University of Calgary. At the OII she conducted an ethnographic study of the Internet as a communication medium, focusing on intensive field work in Bulgaria.

  •  Diego Beas

    Diego Beas

    Former Visiting Fellow

    In the last few years, my research has focused on the way information technologies affect governance and the political process.

  •  Professor Christine Borgman

    Professor Christine Borgman

    Former Visiting Fellow

    Christine Borgman is Professor and Presidential Chair in Information Studies at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). her sabbatical research project at the OII addressed e-Science, Digital Libraries, and Knowledge Communities.

  •  Dr Reneta Bozhankova

    Dr Reneta Bozhankova

    Former Visiting Scholar

    Reneta Bozhankova is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Slavic Studies at the University of Sofia St Kliment Ohridski. Currently she is participating in projects investigating e-publishing and e-learning in Slavic Studies.

  •  David A. Bray

    David A. Bray

    Former Visiting Associate

    David Bray studied as a PhD candidate researching Information Systems at the Goizueta Business School, Emory University, Atlanta. His interests include knowledge ecosystems, augmented group cognition, and emerging virtual institutions.

  •  Dr Yana Breindl

    Dr Yana Breindl

    Former Wiener-Anspach Foundation Post-Doctoral Fellow

    Yana Breindl researches digital rights campaigning at the European level, particularly targeting internet and copyright regulations.

  •  Dr Dennis Broeders

    Dr Dennis Broeders

    Former Visiting Fellow

    Dennis Broeders is a senior research fellow at the Dutch Scientific Council for Government Policy (WRR) and a postdoctoral researcher at the department of Sociology of the Erasmus University Rotterdam.

  •  Diane Cabell

    Diane Cabell

    Former Visiting Industry Associate

    Diane Cabell is counsel for Creative Commons and iCommons. She is a former Clinical Instructor and Assistant Director of the Berkman Center at Harvard and founder of its Clinical Program in Cyberlaw.

  •  Bob Carlson

    Bob Carlson

    Former Visiting Associate

    Bob Carlson was HSBC Group Head of IT Operations and Telecommunications. He has pioneered global resourcing contracts with many IT and Telecommunications hardware, software, and services providers, as well as global virtual teaming concepts.

  •  Federica Casarosa

    Federica Casarosa

    Former Academic Visitor

    Federica Casarosa is a doctoral student at the European University Institute in Florence. At the OII she undertook research on the regulation of online auctions, taking into account the role of self-regulation and public governance.

  •  Professor Manuel Castells

    Professor Manuel Castells

    Former Distinguished Visiting Professor

    Manuel Castells is Research Professor at the Open University of Catalonia (UOC), in Barcelona. He also a University Professor and the holder of the Wallis Annenberg Chair of Communication Technology and Society at the USC Annenberg School of Communication

  •  Professor Andrew Chadwick

    Professor Andrew Chadwick

    Former Visiting Fellow

    Andrew Chadwick is Professor of Political Science at the New Political Communication Unit, Royal Holloway, University of London. His research explores the Internet and new media as they relate to political communication, governance, and public policy.

  •  Professor Kriengsak Chareonwongsak

    Professor Kriengsak Chareonwongsak

    Former Visiting Fellow

    Kriengsak Chareonwongsak is President of the Institute of Future Studies for Development in Thailand. His interests include macro economics, public policy, economics of Internet, and governance reform.

  •  Dr Jaz Hee-jeong Choi

    Dr Jaz Hee-jeong Choi

    Former Visiting Fellow

    Jaz Hee-jeong Choi is an Australian Research Council (ARC) Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Urban Informatics Research Lab, Institute for Creative Industries and Innovation, Queensland University of Technology, Australia.

  •  Dr Regina Connolly

    Dr Regina Connolly

    Former Visiting Fellow

    Dr Regina Connolly is a Senior Lecturer in Management Information Systems at DCU Business School, where she has responsibility for postgraduate courses in Information Systems.

  •  Toby Coppel

    Toby Coppel

    Former Visiting Industry Associate

    Toby is a Co-Founder and Partner at Mosaic Ventures, an early stage venture capital firm based in London. He has been in investing and operating roles in the internet sector since 1996.

  •  J. Ignacio Criado

    J. Ignacio Criado

    Former Visiting Fellow

    J. Ignacio Criado is Lecturer in Politics and Public Administration, Autonomous University of Madrid. His interests cover public sector reform and modernization, quality and knowledge management in public organizations, and information society policies.

  •  Dr Jeremy Crump

    Dr Jeremy Crump

    Former Visiting Associate

    Jeremy Crump is Director of Strategy at the National Policing Improvement Agency, an agency of the Home Office. This role includes direction of the NPIA's research programme and its science and innovation strategy.

    Email: Tel: +44 (0)7730 015847

  •  Dr Paolo D'Iorio

    Dr Paolo D'Iorio

    Former Visiting Fellow

    Paolo D'Iorio has a tenured position at the CNRS / ENS, Paris. His interests include collaborative networked research, digital libraries and archives, Open Source in the humanities, and the semantic web.

  •  Peter Davies

    Peter Davies

    Former Visiting Fellow

    Peter Davies is a barrister who has held senior legal positions in a number of technology companies, including Microsoft, IBM and Apple Computers. He has acted as a consultant to the OECD on technology law.

  •  Dr Alistair Duff

    Dr Alistair Duff

    Former Visiting Fellow

    Alistair Duff is a Reader in the Centre for Social Informatics and the School of Arts and Creative Industries, Edinburgh Napier University. At the OII he undertook research on information policy and the social distribution of information and news.

  •  Professor Soumitra Dutta

    Professor Soumitra Dutta

    Former Visiting Fellow

    Soumitra Dutta is the Roland Berger Chaired Professor of Business and Technology, and Founder and Director of elab@INSEAD, Fountainbleau, France.

  •  Dr Stefan Fafinski

    Dr Stefan Fafinski

    Former Visiting Fellow

    Stefan Fafinski specialises in computer misuse, cybercrime and Internet law. His interests include mapping and measuring cybercrime, the criminogenic potential of Internet technologies, their social impact and policy implications for their regulation.

  •  Lucy Firth

    Lucy Firth

    Former Visiting Fellow

    Lucy Firth is a teacher and researcher at the Department of Information Systems, University of Melbourne. At the OII she worked on the socio-psycho impact of the Internet, and the Internet's potential in supporting clinicians in humanitarian disasters.

  •  Dr Marcus Foth

    Dr Marcus Foth

    Former Visiting Fellow

    Marcus Foth is a Senior Research Fellow at Queensland University of Technology (QUT). His research pioneers new development approaches towards interactive social networking systems informed by community, social, and urban studies.

  •  Prof. Dr. Georg Glasze

    Prof. Dr. Georg Glasze

    Former Visitor

    Georg holds the chair of Cultural Geography at the University Erlangen-Nürnberg and is member of the Erlangen Centre Digital Social Sciences and Humanities. His interests include Critical Cartography and Geoweb-Studies.


  •  Edgar Gómez Cruz

    Edgar Gómez Cruz

    Former Visiting Doctoral Student

    Edgar Gómez is a doctoral student at the Internet Interdisciplinary Institute at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya. His background is in Communication Studies and Sociology.

  •  Professor Olena Goroshko

    Professor Olena Goroshko

    Former Visiting Fellow

    Olena Goroshko is at the National Technical University, Ukraine. Her interests include psycho- and sociolinguistics, cognitive linguistics, gender studies, forensic linguistics and distance education.

  •  Richard Grant

    Richard Grant

    Former Visiting Fellow

    Richard Grant is a career foreign service officer in the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade. His research at the OII concentrated on the effects of modern information technologies on the practice of diplomacy.

  •  Dr Francesco Grillo

    Dr Francesco Grillo

    Former Visiting Associate

    Francesco holds a PhD from the London School of Economics and an MBA from Boston University. He is managing director of Vision & Value and advisor on innovation policies for the European Commission. He regularly writes for Italian and International newspapers.

  •  Dr Louise Guthrie

    Dr Louise Guthrie

    Former Visiting Fellow

    Louise Guthrie's recent research in Natural Language Processing has focused on text classification, semantic analysis of text, document reliability and security, and technology to discover hidden meanings in text.

  •  Dr Paul Henman

    Dr Paul Henman

    Former Visiting Fellow

    Paul Henman is senior lecturer in social policy at the University of Queensland, Australia. His research focuses on the nexus between information technologies, public administration and government policy processes.

  •  Dr Maria Jose Hernández Serrano

    Dr Maria Jose Hernández Serrano

    Former British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow

    Maria Jose Hernández Serrano is Assistant Lecturer in the Department of Theory and History of Education (Faculty of Education) in the University of Salamanca.

  •  Professor Pekka Himanen

    Professor Pekka Himanen

    Former Visiting Professor

    Pekka Himanen is a Professor at the University of Art and Design, Helsinki, a Visiting Professor at the Oxford Internet Institute, and a principal scientist at the Helsinki Institute for Information Technology.

  •  Professor Dr Thomas Hoeren

    Professor Dr Thomas Hoeren

    Former Visiting Fellow

    Thomas Hoeren is based at the Institute on Information, Telecommunications and Media Law (ITM) at Westfaelisch Universitaet. At the OII he focused on Internet governance and notions of 'informational justice' related to access to cyberinfrastructures.

  •  Professor Jens Hoff

    Professor Jens Hoff

    Former Visiting Fellow

    Jens Hoff is a professor in comparative politics at the Department of Political Science, University of Copenhagen, Denmark. His research focuses on the importance of ICT for political institutions and processes, political culture and identity.

  •  Alison Holt FIITP, M.Inst.D, CITP

    Alison Holt FIITP, M.Inst.D, CITP

    Former Academic Visitor

    Alison Holt is an internationally acclaimed expert in the Governance of Information Technology and Data, and a business owner. She is a member of the World Class New Zealand Network and committed to mentoring young technology companies and promoting the economic growth of New Zealand.


  •  Professor Nicholas W. Jankowski

    Professor Nicholas W. Jankowski

    Former Visiting Fellow

    Nicholas W. Jankowski is Associate Professor in the Department of Communication, University of Nijmegen. He has studied community media and other small-scale forms of communication, including use of the Internet in election campaigns.

  •  Dr Jakob Linaa Jensen

    Dr Jakob Linaa Jensen

    Former Visiting Fellow

    Jakob Jensen has research interests focused on social and democratic uses of the Internet. He is part of a big Danish national research project on the new borderlines and interfaces of the public sphere.

    Email: Tel: +44 (0)1865 287229

  •  Dr Jianbin Jin

    Dr Jianbin Jin

    Former Visiting Fellow

    Jianbin Jin is currently an Associate Professor of the School of Journalism and Communication, Tsinghua University, China. He has interests in the adoption, use and social effects of new media, communication theory and research methods.

  •  Professor Aharon Kellerman

    Professor Aharon Kellerman

    Former Visiting Fellow

    Aharon Kellerman is Vice President of the University of Haifa. At the OII he studied the geography of the website production and consumption. His interests include economic and urban geography, timespace studies and social theory and geography.

  •  Dr Linda Jean Kenix

    Dr Linda Jean Kenix

    Former Visiting Fellow

    Linda Jean Kenix is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand. Her research interests have focused on the representation of marginal groups in mass media, giving specific attention to the agenda-setting role of media in society.

  •  Dr Tanai Khiaonarong

    Dr Tanai Khiaonarong

    Former Visiting Fellow

    Tanai is a Senior Financial Sector Expert in the Monetary and Capital Markets Department of the International Monetary Fund.

  •  Professor Young Mie Kim

    Professor Young Mie Kim

    Former Visiting Fellow

    Young Mie Kim's research centres around new media and democracy; at the OII she will be examining collective action in the new media environment.

  •  Christopher Kuner

    Christopher Kuner

    Former Visiting Fellow

    Christopher Kuner is a partner in the Brussels office of the international law firm Hunton & Williams. He has interests in data protection law, privacy law, private international law, European law, legal aspects of the Internet and electronic commerce.

  •  Professor John Laprise

    Professor John Laprise

    Former Visiting Fellow

    John Laprise is an Assistant Professor in Residence at Northwestern University in Qatar and serves as a Consulting Scholar to ictQatar.

  •  Dr Sonia Liff

    Dr Sonia Liff

    Former Visiting Fellow

    Sonia Liff is a Reader in Industrial Relations and Organisational Behaviour at Warwick Business School. She has research interests in gender and employment; technical change and occupational and skill needs; equality and diversity policies and practices.

  •  Professor Miriam Lips

    Professor Miriam Lips

    Former Visiting Fellow

    Miriam Lips is Professor of E-Government at Victoria University of Wellington. Her interests include identity management, citizen-centric government, e-participation, government 2.0, e-records management, personalisation, and digital citizenship.

  •  Christoph Lutz

    Christoph Lutz

    Former Visiting Doctoral Student

    Christoph Lutz is a doctoral student at the Institute for Media and Communications Management of the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland. His background is in Sociology and he is investigating the social impact of new communication technologies, especially social media.

  •  Jorge Luis Salcedo Maldonado

    Jorge Luis Salcedo Maldonado

    Former Visiting Doctoral Student

    Jorge Luis Salcedo Maldonado is researching the structure of mobilization online networks against antipiracy law: supranational and national activism in the European Union (the case of Spain).

  •  Dr Chris Mann

    Dr Chris Mann

    Former Visiting Fellow

    Chris Mann is a Senior Research Associate in the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences at the University of Cambridge. Her pioneering work on methodological and ethical issues in doing Internet-research underpinned her research at the OII.

  •  Dr Alessandro Mantelero

    Dr Alessandro Mantelero

    Former Visiting Fellow

    Alessandro Mantelero is aggregate professor of Private Law at the Polytechnic University of Turin, Director of Privacy and Faculty Fellow at the Nexa Center for Internet and Society. His research is focused on data protection, Big Data and privacy.

  •  Dr Ursula Martin

    Dr Ursula Martin

    Former Visiting Fellow

    Ursula Martin holds appointments at Queen Mary University of London and the University of Cambridge. She worked at the OII to explore strategies for the ACM to promote diversity and the status of women in the computing professions.

  •  Professor Viktor Mayer-Schönberger

    Professor Viktor Mayer-Schönberger

    Former Visiting Fellow

    Viktor Mayer-Schönberger is the OII's Professor of Internet Governance and Regulation. His research focuses on the role of information in a networked economy.

    Email: Tel: +44 (0)1865 287232

  •  Dr Gustavo Mesch

    Dr Gustavo Mesch

    Former Visiting Fellow

    Gustavo Mesch is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Haifa, Israel. He is studying patterns of Internet use and the role of the Internet in adolescents' social relationships and the nature of social networks online and offline in Israel through time.

  •  Desiree Miloshevic

    Desiree Miloshevic

    Former Visiting Associate

    Desiree Miloshevic is International Affairs and Policy Adviser at Afilias. She has participated actively in the areas of DNS policy and Internet governance, including work as an expert technical and policy consultant for new top-level domains.

  •  Dr Gianluca Miscione

    Dr Gianluca Miscione

    Former Visiting Fellow

    I have a long lasting interest in organizational aspects of information technologies in use in the most diverse contexts. I have conducted and contributed to research in Europe, Latin America, India, East Africa, and on the Internet in the empirical domains of health, planning and currencies.


  •  Dr Ted Nelson

    Dr Ted Nelson

    Former Visiting Fellow

    Ted Nelson occupies a unique place in the computer field, a 'systems humanist' designer whose vision of a Utopian world of intellect focused around the computer screen foresaw (from the 1960s) the kind of cyberworld that has been opened by the Internet.

  •  Professor Gregory O'Hare

    Professor Gregory O'Hare

    Former Visiting Fellow

    Gregory O'Hare is an Associate Professor at the School of Computer Science & Informatics at University College Dublin. His research interests include distributed Artificial Intelligence and Multi-Agent Systems (MAS), and mobile and ubiquitous computing.

  •  Osaro Odemwingie

    Osaro Odemwingie

    Former CSPP Visitor

    Osaro Odemwingie is a human rights and development worker. At the OII he undertook research on the impact of ICTs on advocacy for transparency and accountability in governance, focusing on the Campaign For Freedom of Information Act in Nigeria.

  •  Dr Han Woo Park

    Dr Han Woo Park

    Former Visiting Fellow

    Han Woo Park conducts research on various computer-mediated communication issues, focusing on the use of new communication technologies in extending social networks and the role of communication in scientific, technical, and innovative activities.

  •  Dr Sora Park

    Dr Sora Park

    Former Visiting Fellow

    Sora Park is an Associate Professor at the University of Canberra. Her research focuses on the digital media users and digital inclusion policy. At OII she is undertaking research on the relationship between online and offline realities.

  •  Professor Helen Partridge

    Professor Helen Partridge

    Former Visiting Fellow

    Professor Helen Partridge is based in the Faculty of Science and Technology at QUT, Brisbane, Australia. At the OII she will undertake a study exploring people's information practices within a web 2.0 world.

  •  Dr Jenny Pickerill

    Dr Jenny Pickerill

    Former Visiting Fellow

    Jenny Pickerill is a lecturer in Human Geography at Leicester University. She has a particular interest in Internet activism, and is currently exploring anti-war activism in Britain, and anti-capitalist activism and everyday life.

  •  Ms Sarah Porter

    Ms Sarah Porter

    Former Visitor

    Sarah is best known for leading Jisc’s innovation work for over ten years, championing the use of digital technologies to enhance learning, teaching, research.

  •  Dr Alison Powell

    Dr Alison Powell

    Former SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellow

    Alison Powell has interests in in community informatics, Internet policy, peer production, culture and technology, and wireless infrastructure. Her current research focuses on the social and political implications of networked communication.

    Email: Tel: +44 (0)1865 287223

  •  Professor John Powell

    Professor John Powell

    Former Visiting Fellow

    John Powell is an academic public health physician and health services researcher with a particular interest in ehealth and connected health.

  •  Dr Cornelius Puschmann

    Dr Cornelius Puschmann

    Former Visiting Fellow

    Cornelius Puschmann is a postdoctoral researcher at Humboldt University of Berlin’s School of Library and Information Science (BSLIS) and a research associate at the Alexander von Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society (HIIG).

  •  Professor Charles D. Raab

    Professor Charles D. Raab

    Former Visiting Fellow

    Charles Raab is Professor of Government at the University of Edinburgh. He has interests in data protection, public access to information, e-government, data-sharing, police cooperation, e-democracy, surveillance, as well as regulatory policy.

  •  Danica M. Radovanovic

    Danica M. Radovanovic

    Former PhD Chevening Scholar

    Summary to be supplied

  •  Dr Babak Rahimi

    Dr Babak Rahimi

    Former Visiting Fellow

    Babak Rahimi's current research is on the implications of ICTs for Shi'i Islam in Iran and Iraq, especially how the Internet contributes to Shi'i politics online.

  •  Terje Rasmussen

    Terje Rasmussen

    Former Visiting Fellow

    Terje Rasmussen is Professor of Media Studies and Digital Media at the University of Oslo. His interests include social and technical changes of the Internet, Internet governance, the Internet in everyday life, ethics of the media, and social theory.

  •  Professor Gene Rochlin

    Professor Gene Rochlin

    Former Visiting Fellow

    Gene Rochlin is Professor of Energy and Resources, University of California, Berkeley. During his time at the OII, he worked on issues of security, dependency, and embedding of IT and other electronic networks.

  •  Luis Fernando Rodríguez Garcia

    Luis Fernando Rodríguez Garcia

    Former Visiting Doctoral Student

    Fernando Rodríguez is a doctoral candidate and teaching assistant at the Department of Constitutional Law at the National University of Distance Education (UNED), Madrid.

  •  Professor Inma Rodríguez-Ardura

    Professor Inma Rodríguez-Ardura

    Former Visiting Fellow

    Inma Rodríguez-Ardura is researching the Internet's impact on pricing strategies and price competition, attitudinal outcomes in consumer adoption of e-commerce-based recommendation systems, and the role and influence of motivations in online consumption.

  •  Professor Seamus Ross

    Professor Seamus Ross

    Former Visiting Fellow

    Seamus Ross is Dean of the Faculty of Information (commonly known as the iSchool) at the University of Toronto. He is interested in approaches to ensuring the long term accessibility of the materials created or represented in digital form.

  •  Mary Rundle

    Mary Rundle

    Former Visiting Fellow

    Mary Rundle is a Fellow at the Berkman Center for Internet & Society, Harvard Law School. Her interests include how new tools for digital identity management can strengthen user control and contribute to a person's autonomy.

  •  Dr Christian Sandvig

    Dr Christian Sandvig

    Former Visiting Fellow

    Christian Sandvig is an Assistant Professor of Speech Communication at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He researches the tensions between social, technical, and legal mechanisms of control in the development of communication technologies.

  •  Lisa Sargood

    Lisa Sargood

    Former Visiting Associate

    Lisa Sargood is a digital professional who has driven BBC Vision's factual multiplatform strategy with projects such as Springwatch, Virtual Revolution, Wildlife Finder, LabUK and Wonders of the Universe.

  •  Jesper Schlaeger

    Jesper Schlaeger

    Former Visiting Doctoral Student

    Jesper Schlaeger is a PhD Fellow at the University of Copenhagen, Department of Political Science. His academic work focuses on Internet-mediated changes of power relations within the Chinese political system.

  •  Wendy Seltzer

    Wendy Seltzer

    Former Visiting Fellow

    Wendy Seltzer is a Fellow at the Berkman Center for Internet and Society, Harvard University. She founded and leads the Chilling Effects Clearinghouse, and speaks frequently on copyright, trademark, open source, and the public interest online.

  •  Dr Huipeng Shi

    Dr Huipeng Shi

    Former HCN Visiting Fellow

    Dr Huipeng Shi works as the Associate Chief Physician in Department of Orthopaedics at the Shanghai 6th Hospital, Jiao Tong University. He attained an MBA from Hong Kong University and has eight patents for trauma-related products in the P.R.China.

  •  Professor Ignace Snellen

    Professor Ignace Snellen

    Former Visiting Fellow

    Ignace Snellen is an Emeritus Professor of Public Administration at Erasmus University, Rotterdam. he has specialised in the impact of ICTs on the internal and external relations of public administrations.

  •  Professor Mingqiu Song

    Professor Mingqiu Song

    Former Visiting Fellow

    Dr Mingqiu Song is an Associate Professor of the School of Management, Dalian University of Technology, China. Her previous research focused on the network information security.

  •  Prof. Dr. Sarah Spiekermann

    Prof. Dr. Sarah Spiekermann

    Former Visiting Fellow

    Sarah chairs the Institute for Management Information Systems at Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU Vienna). She has published over 70 articles on social and ethical implications of computer systems and has given over 80 presentations of her work and thinking throughout the world.

  •  Dr Jo Tacchi

    Dr Jo Tacchi

    Former Visiting Fellow

    Jo Tacchi is a Senior Research Fellow at Queensland University of Technology (QUT). She has conducted research on radio and the Internet in the UK, Australia, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka and South Africa.

  •  Professor John Taylor

    Professor John Taylor

    Former Visiting Fellow

    John Taylor is Professor of Government and Information Management at Caledonian Business School, Glasgow. Recent work focuses on emergent new public policy initiatives in the UK and Europe aimed at the formation of new governance structures.

  •  Dhanaraj Thakur

    Dhanaraj Thakur

    Former Visiting Doctoral Student

    Summary to be supplied

  •  Hannibal Travis

    Hannibal Travis

    Former Visiting Fellow

    Hannibal Travis is an Associate Professor of Law at Florida International University. His research interests include net neutrality regulation, copyright and patent reform, and the legal implications of digital media.

  •  Professor Joseph Turow

    Professor Joseph Turow

    Former Astor Visiting Lecturer

    Joseph Turow is Robert Lewis Shayon Professor of Communication at the University of Pennsylvania's Annenberg School For Communication.

  •  Dr Harry Valetk

    Dr Harry Valetk

    Former Visiting Associate

    Harry A. Valetk is a new media attorney devoted to data privacy, consumer protection, and the complex interaction between the law, technology, and society at large.

  •  Thierry Vedel

    Thierry Vedel

    Former Visiting Fellow

    Thierry Vedel is a researcher with the National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS), Centre for Political Research (CEVIPOF), Paris. His research interests cover media policies and regulation, political communication, Internet and politics.

  •  Roberto Verzola

    Roberto Verzola

    Former CSPP Visitor

    Roberto Verzola undertook research at the OII on how technologies and other modern developments have been used in various countries to enhance (or subvert) electoral processes, and applied the lessons learned to the case of the Philippines.

  •  Professor Judy Wajcman

    Professor Judy Wajcman

    Former Visiting Fellow

    Judy Wajcman is the Anthony Giddens Professor of Sociology at the London School of Economics and Political Science.

  •  Tony Wales

    Tony Wales

    Former Visiting Associate

    Tony Wales was appointed as General Counsel of AOL International in June 2007, responsible for the company's worldwide legal affairs outside the United States. During this time he has been instrumental in the launch of new businesses in 31 territories.

  •  Dr Junchao Wang

    Dr Junchao Wang

    Former Visiting Fellow

    Dr Junchao Wang is an Associate Professor of Journalism and Media Criticism with Tsinghua University, China. He is a media critic with ten years' experience in media criticism teaching and practice.

  •  Professor David Waterman

    Professor David Waterman

    Former Visiting Fellow

    David Waterman is Professor in the Department of Telecommunications at Indiana University, Bloomington, IN. His research and teaching interests center on the economics of media, and more generally on the economics of information.

  •  Professor Frank Webster

    Professor Frank Webster

    Former Visiting Fellow

    Frank Webster is Professor of Sociology at City University, University of London. He has written extensively on information developments and information society issues, and undertaken research at the OII in the area of democratisation and new media.

  •  Dr Deborah Wheeler

    Dr Deborah Wheeler

    Former Visiting Fellow

    Deborah Wheeler teaches at the Jackson School of International Studies and the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations at the University of Washington, Seattle. She focuses on the development and impact of the Internet in the Islamic World.

  •  Professor Yorick Wilks

    Professor Yorick Wilks

    Former Visiting Professor, Visitor, Visiting Fellow

    Yorick Wilks has interests in artificial intelligence and the computer processing of language, knowledge and belief. His current research focuses on the possibility of software agents having identifiable personalities.

  •  Paul F. Wouters

    Paul F. Wouters

    Former NCeSS Visiting Research Fellow

    Paul Wouters is scientific director of the Erasmus Studio, and holds a professorship at the EUR Faculty of Social Sciences. He is interested in the design and analysis of new scholarly practices in the humanities and social sciences.

  •  Professor Matthew Zook

    Professor Matthew Zook

    Former Visiting Fellow

    Professor Matthew Zook is a Professor in Geography at the University of Kentucky (USA) and have just completed a year as a Fulbright Scholar at the University of Tartu (Estonia).