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Dr Gillian Bolsover

Research Associate

Dr Gillian Bolsover

Research Associate


Gillian Bolsover was a Research Associate at the Oxford Internet Institute who researched the effects of commercialisation, globalisation and new media and communication technologies on politics and civil society.  She completed a DPhil at the OII in January 2017, researching how the effects of the commercialisation of online spaces affect their ability to provide a venue for political speech in different political systems through a comparison of the US and China. Between January 2017 and January 2018, she worked as a Postdoctoral Researcher on the computational propaganda project, investigating bots, algorithms, misinformation and other forms of automated online political opinion manipulation.

Research Interests

Political science; political and social theory; political economy; civil society and citizenship; critical methodologies; digital social research; computational social science; mixed-methods research; communications; sociology and culture; language and linguistics; identity and psychology; privacy, surveillance and censorship.

Positions at the OII

  • Research Associate, January 2018 -
  • Researcher, January 2017 - January 2018
  • Research Assistant, October 2012 - March 2014
  • DPhil Student, October 2012 - May 2017