This Oxford-based Centre aims become a leading global resource for understanding how to deliver effective cyber security; OII Fellows Bill Dutton and Ian Brown lead its work on security cultures and regulation.


The Global Cyber Security Capacity Centre (GCSCC) is a leading international centre for research on efficient and effective cybersecurity capacity-building, promoting an increase in the scale, pace, quality and impact of cybersecurity capacity-building initiatives across the world. It has created a first-of-its-kind model to review cybersecurity capacity maturity across five areas (or ‘dimensions’), which aims to enable nations to self-assess, benchmark, better plan investments and national cybersecurity strategies, and set priorities for capacity development.

Why is it important?

Worldwide, actors at all levels, from individuals to nation states, need to ensure that cyberspace and the systems dependent on it are resilient to attack, in the face of constant growth in the scale and complexity of our networks, and enormous volumes of data and applications. Cyberspace and our assets within it need to be protected to ensure that critical digital infrastructures and services can operate effectively now and in the future.

Our work is focused on developing a framework for understanding what works, what doesn’t work and why – across all areas of cyber security capacity. This is important so that governments and enterprises can adopt policies and make investments that have the potential to significantly enhance safety and security in cyberspace, while also respecting core human rights’ values and interests, such as privacy and freedom of expression.

We are working with a wide range of global partners, including governments, international organisations and the private sector.

For more information and access to the new online portal, please visit the Global Cyber Security Capacity Centre website