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The OII's faculty and research staff author hundreds of publications every year, externally published in journals, conference proceedings and other academic outlets. The full database can be searched using the form below.

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  • WAKELIN, D., Kohler, D., Domeisen, N., Haywood, D., Jones, E., Mackay, M., Maxton, R., Moore, B., Noble, K., SIMON, F. and Wojahn, D. (2024) Unprinted: Publication Beyond the Press 1.Cambridge Elements: Publishing and Book Culture. Cambridge University Press.
Conference papers
  • Chen, X., Hale, S.A., Jurgens, D., Samory, M., Zuckerman, E. and Grabowicz, P.A. (2024) "Global News Synchrony and Diversity During the Start of the COVID-19 Pandemic", WWW 2024 - Proceedings of the ACM Web Conference. WWW '24: The ACM Web Conference 2024. ACM. 2639-2650.
  • Kao, D., Ballou, N., Gerling, K., Breitsohl, H. and Deterding, S. (2024) "How does Juicy Game Feedback Motivate? Testing Curiosity, Competence, and Efectance", Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems - Proceedings. Proceedings of the CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems. Association for Computing Machinery (ACM). 1-16.
  • Rocher, L., Sundaram Muthu Selva Annamalai, M. and Gadotti, A. (2024) "A Linear Reconstruction Approach for Attribute Inference Attacks against Synthetic Data", Proceedings of the 33rd USENIX Security Symposium. USENIX Security, Philadelphia, PA, USA, 14 – 16 August 2024. USENIX Association. (This paper will be presented at the 33rd USENIX Security Symposium, 14th-16th August 2024, Philadelphia, PA, USA. This is the accepted manuscript version of the article. The final version is forthcoming from the USENIX Association. An extended version can be found at
Journal articles
Working papers
  • FREY, C.-.B. and OSBORNE, M. (2024) "Generative AI and the Future of Work: A Reappraisal", Brown Journal of World Affairs. Brown University. 30 (1) 1-17.
  • Hale, S.A., Belisario, A., Mostafa, A. and Camargo, C. (2024) Analyzing Misinformation Claims During the 2022 Brazilian General Election on WhatsApp, Twitter, and Kwai.
  • Belisario, A., Hale, S. and Rocher, L. (2024) Into the crossfire: evaluating the use of a language model to crowdsource gun violence reports.
  • Kirk, H.R., Vidgen, B., Röttger, P. and Hale, S.A. (2024) "The benefits, risks and bounds of personalizing the alignment of large language models to individuals" In: arXiv.
  • Stone, J. and Mittelstadt, B. (2024) "Legitimate Power, Illegitimate Automation: The problem of ignoring legitimacy in automated decision systems" In: arXiv.
  • Tonneau, M., Liu, D., Fraiberger, S., Schroeder, R., Hale, S.A. and Röttger, P. (2024) "From Languages to Geographies: Towards Evaluating Cultural Bias in Hate Speech Datasets" In: arXiv.
  • Kirk, H.R., Whitefield, A., Röttger, P., Bean, A., Margatina, K., Ciro, J., Mosquera, R., Bartolo, M., Williams, A., He, H., Vidgen, B. and Hale, S.A. (2024) "The PRISM Alignment Project: What Participatory, Representative and Individualised Human Feedback Reveals About the Subjective and Multicultural Alignment of Large Language Models" In: arXiv.
  • Shliselberg, M., Kazemi, A., Hale, S.A. and Dori-Hacohen, S. (2024) SynDy: Synthetic Dynamic Dataset Generation Framework for Misinformation Tasks.
  • Chen, X., Hale, S.A., Jurgens, D., Samory, M., Zuckerman, E. and Grabowicz, P.A. (2024) "Global News Synchrony and Diversity During the Start of the COVID-19 Pandemic" In: arXiv.
  • Ibrahim, L., Rocher, L. and Valdivia, A. (2024) Characterizing and modeling harms from interactions with design patterns in AI interfaces.
  • Chen, X., Samory, M., Hale, S., Jurgens, D. and Grabowicz, P.A. (2024) "A Multilingual Similarity Dataset for News Article Frame" In: arXiv.
  • Spencer, J., Russell, C., Hadfield, S. and Bowden, R. (2024) "Kick Back & Relax++: Scaling Beyond Ground-Truth Depth with SlowTV & CribsTV" In: arXiv.


Our faculty have authored and edited many critically acclaimed books. The most recent books can be found below - more can be found on our dedicated Books page.