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The OII's faculty and research staff author hundreds of publications every year, externally published in journals, conference proceedings and other academic outlets. The full database can be searched using the form below.

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  • Shabbir, N., Posetti, J. and SIMON, F.M. (2022) "How Three Mission-Driven News Organizations in the Global South Combat Disinformation Through Investigation, Innovation, Advocacy, and Education" In: Disinformation in the Global South Wasserman, H. and Madrid-Morales, D. (eds.). Wiley.
Conference papers
Journal articles
Internet publications
  • Padh, K., Zeitler, J., Watson, D., Kusner, M., Silva, R. and Kilbertus, N. (2022) Stochastic Causal Programming for Bounding Treatment Effects.
  • Braesemann, F. and Schuler, M. (2022) Data Science vs Putin: How much does each of us pay for Putin's war?.


Our faculty have authored and edited many critically acclaimed books. The most recent books can be found below - more can be found on our dedicated Books page.