Matti is an experimental psychologist and data scientist at the Oxford Internet Institute, where he studies the psychological impacts of digital technologies.

Research Interests

Psychology, Wellbeing, Cognition, Applied statistics


Current projects

  • Programme on Adolescent Well-Being in the Digital Age

    Participants: Professor Andrew Przybylski, Dr Matti Vuorre, Dr Niklas Johannes

    This programme addresses the assumptions that the overall mental well-being of young people is undergoing a pronounced period of decline and that digital technologies might be driving this trend.

  • The Association between Video Game Play and Cognition

    Participants: Dr Matti Vuorre

    This project studies video game play's association to cognition using novel methods that improve upon existing literature by studying gaming in its natural context, using actual game play data.



Integrity Statement

I conduct my research in line with the University's academic integrity code of practice.