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Professor William H. Dutton

Senior Fellow, Advisory Board Member

William H. Dutton

Senior Fellow, Advisory Board Member


Bill Dutton is the Quello Professor of Media and Information Policy at Michigan State University, where he is Director of the Quello Center. He was the OII’s Founding Director, a Fellow of Balliol College and the first Professor of Internet Studies at Oxford University. Before coming to Oxford in 2002, he was a Professor in the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Southern California, where he is now an Emeritus Professor. In the UK, he was a Fulbright Scholar 1986-87, and was National Director of the UK’s Programme on Information and Communication Technologies (PICT) from 1993 to 1996.

His recent publications on the social aspects of information and communication technologies include Society on the Line (Oxford University Press, 1999), and Transforming Enterprise, co-edited (MIT Press, 2005), and World Wide Research: Reshaping the Sciences and Humanities, co-edited with P. Jeffreys (MIT Press, 2011). He is currently editing a handbook on Internet Studies for Oxford University Press and a four volume series of readings on the Internet and Politics for Routledge.

His service includes chairing the Advisory Committee for England of the UK’s Office of Communications (Ofcom), and participating on the NHS Direct Innovation Committee.

He was Director of the OII from 2002 to 2011.

Research Interests

Internet and society, digital divides, digital choice, the Fifth Estate, network society, politics and the Internet, collaborative network organizations, research-centred computational networks, e-research

Positions at the OII

  • Advisory Board Member, October 2014 -
  • Senior Fellow, August 2014 -
  • Director, July 2002 - September 2011
  • Professor of Internet Studies, July 2002 - August 2014



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Oxford Social Media Convention 2009: Assessing the Evolution, Impact and Potential of Social Media

With Professor William H. Dutton, Iain Dale, Cory Doctorow, Jonathan Ford, Professor Ben Goldacre, Simon Hampton, Dr David Levy, Cameron Neylon, Stefan Niggemeier, Andrew Rasiej, Felix Reed-Tsochas, Richard Sambrook, Dave Sifry, and Bill Thompson

This conference looks back at the evolution of blogs and other social media to give a nuanced understanding of the ways in which such tools have or have not made a difference at the social, political or economic level

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A Decade in Internet Time: Symposium on the Dynamics of the Internet and Society

With Professor William H. Dutton, Professor Victoria Nash, Professor Christine Borgman, Dr Andrew Graham, Professor Manuel Castells, Brian Loader, Vint Cerf, Dr Eszter Hargittai, Professor Barry Wellman, Dr Lisa Nakamura, and Dr Laura DeNardis

The Oxford Internet Institute and the journal, Information, Communication and Society co-organized a symposium to critically assess the last decade of social research on the Internet and identify directions for research over the next.

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