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Sakshi Ghai

Postdoctoral Researcher

Sakshi Ghai

Postdoctoral Researcher


Sakshi completed her PhD in Psychology at the University of Cambridge with affiliations to the Department of Psychology and the MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit. Her work reflects on two complementary strands of research inquiry: applied research into the effects of digital technologies on adolescent well-being, and meta-scientific research into the diversity of behavioural science.

The first strand delves into building a culturally informed approach to better understand the effects of technologies on the well-being of highly vulnerable and systematically underrepresented young populations in our science. Her PhD focused on examining digital media use in a hard-to-reach sample of rural girls and nationally represented adolescents across 13 countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, South and South-East Asia. The second strand responds to the urgent need to diversify research samples to include most of the world’s population and asking culturally salient and methodologically relevant questions about human behaviour.

Sakshi has won a range of awards including the Psychology of Technology Dissertation Award, the Society for the Improvement of Psychological Science Mission Award, and Society for Personality and Social Psychology’s Jenessa Shapiro Graduate Research Award. She has diverse professional experience spanning across corporate (Ogilvy), academic institutions (the Wharton School, the Vedica Scholars Program for Women) and international development (World Bank eMBeD) in India and US.

Sakshi received her BA (Hons) in philosophy from Lady Shri Ram College for Women, University of Delhi and her Master’s in Science in Behaviour and Decision Sciences from the University of Pennsylvania. Sakshi was a 2015 Young India Fellow at Ashoka University.

Research Interests

Sample diversity, digital well-being, young populations, online child sexual abuse and exploitation, digital inclusion, generalisability, open research, meta-science, Global South

Positions at the OII

  • Postdoctoral Researcher, August 2023 -



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