Nayana Prakash is a student on the DPhil in Information, Communication & the Social Sciences.

Nayana is interested in online forms of ‘storytelling’, specifically in the context of postcolonial countries, namely South Asia. Her work considers online storytelling by South Asian women as a form of labour, and one which builds on previous colonial histories of oppression and technology. She is further interested in broader considerations of women in the Global South who work in Internet moderating roles, such as offshore content moderators.  Nayana has previously studied at the University of Oxford and King’s College London, and has also worked as a consultant at KPMG. She has lived in various Middle Eastern countries as well as London and Oxford.

Research Interests

Postcolonial theory; gender online; digital colonialism; Internet geographies; narrative; race; storytelling; invisible labour

Supervisors at the OII

Kathryn Eccles





Past projects

  • The A-Z of AI

    Participants: Professor Gina Neff, James Ward IV, Margaret McGrath, Blake Dicosola, Nayana Prakash

    The A-Z of AI is an interactive guide that allows anyone who is curious about AI to develop a baseline understanding of the technology.

  • Reconfiguring Citizen Participation in Cybersecurity

    Participants: Julia Slupska, Professor Gina Neff, Scarlet Dawson Duckworth, Linda Ma, Nayana Prakash, Selina Cho

    Reconfigure is a feminist cybersecurity project that uses community-based participatory methods and feminist approaches to reconfigure cybersecurity research and build public capacity for data privacy and action.