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The A-Z of AI

The A-Z of AI


As Artificial Intelligence becomes increasingly ubiquitous in the lives of internet users, it stands to have a profound influence on all digital interactions.

The dominant new technologies of any era have the potential to reshape everything from how we interact and relate to each other, to how our economies and political structures operate, to even our sense of personal identity. As such, it is important we use social science to investigate these changes and produce resources that build understanding, capacity and awareness.

The A-Z of AI is an entry-level guide to the basics of artificial intelligence, built in collaboration with Google and designed to help anyone get their bearings with a complex topic.

As one of the most complicated areas of computer science, AI has never been the easiest subject to navigate. While there is a great deal of information out there on AI, it’s not always easy to distinguish fact from fiction, or root out entry-level introductions among the educational material. This playful, educational tool walks first-timers through a few fundamental techniques, applications and considerations, that should equip them with the knowledge they need to join the conversation.

Key Information

  • Google
  • Project dates:
    November 2019 - October 2021


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