Elizabeth’s research interests are located at the intersection of technology and political engagement. She will be examining the impact of Internet use on political communication and political participation as a DPhil student at the OII. Her research is designed to understand how technology may be leveraged to increase democratic accountability and engagement.

Before joining the OII in 2011 as an MSc student, Elizabeth completed a BA, Hons. Specialization in Communication at the University of Ottawa, Canada. Elizabeth also studied at American University in Washington, DC as a Killam Fellow through the Fulbright Foundation (Canada.)

In Ottawa Elizabeth served as a communications specialist and researcher for multiple NGOs and a Member of Parliament. Elizabeth’s work in politics has centered on two themes: voter engagement and climate change. She continues to serve as the Climate Change Program Manager for an international political organization focused on human rights.

Elizabeth is currently a Research Assistant at the OII and a member of Balliol College. She plays rugby for the Oxford University team receiving a Full Blue after the 2012 Varsity Match.

Elizabeth is grateful for funding support from the Oxford University Press Clarendon Fund.

Research interests

political communication, traditional media, social media, influence, collective action, activism, political participation

Positions held at the OII

  • DPhil Alumna, January 2016 –
  • DPhil student, October 2012 – January 2016
  • MSc student, October 2011 – September 2012

Supervisors at the OII


Past projects

  • The Fifth Estate

    Participants: Professor William H. Dutton, Dr Elizabeth Dubois

    The Fifth Estate is a research project designed to examine critically the Internet's role in enabling new forms of democratic accountability and voice, comparable to the press of an earlier era.


  • Despite dark overtones, Big Data a bonus to all

    30 July 2013 The Chronicle Herald

    OII DPhil student Elisabeth Dubois writes about Big Data as Canada’s Dalhousie University launches its Institute for Big Data Analytics.  Despite some genuine concerns about the way it is used, Big Data has a definite upside for us all.

  • Liberals’ supporters might not be voters

    31 March 2013 The Ottawa Citizen

    DPhil student Elizabeth Dubois explains the process of voting for the Canadian Liberal party’s next leader.   She points out possible pitfalls for the candidates between people registering as supporters and actually voting in the final ballot.

  • Andrew Keen on New Media

    2 June 2008 The Independent

    Andrew Keen reports on an OII event on the Future of Knowledge: 'Last week I was at Balliol College at Oxford University with Wikipedia co-founder Dr Larry Sanger to debate the proposition that "the internet is the future of knowledge"'