Blake’s ¬†current research is sponsored by Tesco Labs. Previously, Blake was engaged in doctoral research at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University in the United States.

Research Interests

Consumer Behaviour, Vice/Virtue Choice, Decision Making, Digital Health, Digital Self Tracking, Online Shopping, Social Influence, Human-Computer Interaction, Information and Communication Design

Supervisors at the OII

Gina Neff


Current projects

  • The Futures for Online Consumption

    Participants: Professor Gina Neff, Blake DiCosola

    How might the future of consumption change how we track and monitor ourselves? This project will test different strategies for helping people make healthier choices in online food shopping.

  • Connected Fitness: Can Online Fitness Communities Facilitate Social Connectedness?

    Participants: Professor Gina Neff, Blake DiCosola, Jaimie Freeman

    This study will assess how self-tracking data shapes social communities and the support people that receive from them, mapping the roles that online fitness communities play in maintaining psychological and social wellbeing and social connectedness.

Past projects

  • The A-Z of AI

    Participants: Professor Gina Neff, James Ward IV, Margaret McGrath, Blake Dicosola, Nayana Prakash

    The A-Z of AI is an interactive guide that allows anyone who is curious about AI to develop a baseline understanding of the technology.