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The Oxford Internet Institute (OII) is a teaching and research department of the University of Oxford. The University and its departments are governed by a wide range of rules and regulations that help ensure the responsible administration of scholarly research.  In the interests of transparency and accountability, this page brings together various information about our activities to illustrate how we organise scholarly inquiry at the OII.

Information about our funding sources can be found on our Giving to the OII webpage.

Governance & Administration

The key governance objectives of the OII are to provide the long-term resources to strengthen and further its pre-eminent position—nationally and internationally—as a place of outstanding learning, teaching, and research; and to enable it to provide additional support to its three core priorities of students, academic posts, and buildings. The department plans its budgets five years in advance, and these budgets are regularly reviewed by the University’s Social Sciences Division.  Externally funded projects comply with University policies and outside funders occasionally conduct external audits that are verified by a financial professional external to the organization.

Steering Board

The OII is governed by the Steering Board, which is made up of the Department’s leadership team and representatives of the Department’s faculty and administration across a range of levels of seniority. The Steering Board determines the overall direction of the Department and has general oversight of the Department’s activities. The OII’s other major committees, such as the Graduate Studies Committee and Research Committee, report to the Steering Board.

Advisory Board

In parallel, the OII has an Advisory Board that actively serves as stewards and consultants for our projects and public engagement and helps us secure new funding and partnership opportunities.  Board members are appointed by the OII’s Steering Board for a two-year term.

The University of Oxford

The OII’s departmental governance sits within the University’s governance structures, designed to support and ensure robust decision-making throughout the University.

The University’s Act of Incorporation is available online.


Any queries about our transparency, accountability, governance or funding may be directed to