The project will explore British Museum visitor data in order to establish a better understanding of visitor experience at the Museum.


This project aims to dig into a rich set of qualitative data, uncovering actionable insights which will have a real impact on the Museum. To analyse and understand the British Museum visitors’ behaviour and feedback, we will use different sets of data including Trip Advisor feedback, the audio guide data, and “intelligent counting data”, and methods such as natural language processing and time series analysis. The research will have an immediate and tangible effect helping the organisation improve the visiting experience currently on offer at the Museum. The Museum is currently undergoing pivotal strategic change, and the insights from this research will feed into future iterations of the display and audience strategies.


  • Dr Taha Yasseri

    Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford

    Principal Investigator

  • Coline Cuau

    British Museum

  • Naomi Muggleton

    University of Warwick & Alan Turing Institute

  • Timothy Monteath

    London School of Economics & Alan Turing Institute