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KNETWORKS: Dissemination and Networks of Knowledge in the Atlantic Area

KNETWORKS: Dissemination and Networks of Knowledge in the Atlantic Area


The KNetworks Project is focused on the creation of a permanent network of excellence, based on Information Technologies that enable the participating entities to collaborate, share and profit from a range of bottom-up innovations. The KNetworks Project is fully complementary and articulated with other initiatives implemented at several levels, as well as compatible with national and community policies. The project studies the conditions and requirements for the creation of the European Knowledge Centre (EKC) in the Atlantic Area. This initiative is an open network based in the Atlantic area with a main interest in the fields of: e-government, innovation, knowledge transfer, technology, the Internet, collective intelligence, future and the creation of knowledge. KNETWORKS project foster the creation of a strong knowledge sharing and dissemination Network in the Atlantic Area to promote the exchange of Good Practices and implementation strategies for building and exploiting a 21st Century Knowledge and Information Society (KIS).

Activities and Targets

  • To create a permanent analysis group of the projects which represent the good practices of the Information Society in the life of organizations, namely states, companies, small and medium enterprises and Atlantic Area Universities.
  • To make available tools and mechanisms representing good practices for the development of the KIS in the Atlantic Area.
  • Creation of a sustainable network for the sharing and dissemination of knowledge in the Atlantic Area based on Information Technologies
  • To encourage cooperation between regions in the Atlantic Area.
  • To strengthen the name of the Atlantic Area in the improvement and increase of the KIS development, whether in the European context or in the international one.
  • To encourage and promote good practices for exchange in the implementation of strategies concerning the KIS.
  • To spread the knowledge resulting from the good practices of the KIS.
  • To increase cooperation with other organizations which promote knowledge creation and dissemination.


This project is a partnership between Management Center for the Electronic Government Network (CEGER) – The Management Center for the Electronic Government Network in Portugal, CNEL/PT – Technology Plan, the University of Cardiff, the University of Toulouse II – Le Mirail, Fundación Universidad da Coruña – FUAC, and the Universidad de Cantabria. This initiative is under the strategy of the “Atlantic Area Operational Program” (AAOP) and is supported by the European Territorial Cooperation “Atlantic Area Programme”.

European Regional Development Fund

Key Information

  • European Regional Development Fund
  • Project dates:
    July 2010 - July 2012

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