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A Digital Single Window for income data from platform work

A Digital Single Window for income data from platform work


Online platform work (also known as online gig work, online freelancing, and crowd work) refers to work conducted remotely via digital platforms, typically consisting of multiple short-term projects or tasks, each remunerated separately. It is a new form of non-standard work that presents opportunities but also new challenges, such as how to organise taxation and social insurance contributions. Platform workers are frequently classified as self-employed for tax purposes, and their clients are often located in multiple different countries. This complicates tax compliance for both the workers and tax agencies. Some EU countries have launched initiatives to obtain data on platform workers’ earnings directly from the platform companies. This project aims to assess the opportunities and challenges of a hypothetical EU-level Digital Single Window for the voluntary automated reporting and EU-wide sharing of earnings data from web-based platform work.

For background reading please see the OII blogpost A New Social Social Contract: Expert Report on Digitalization of Labour Markets, and the high-level expert group report of the European Commission titled The Impact of the Digital Transformation on EU Markets.

Key Information

  • European Commission
  • Project dates:
    August 2019 - November 2019

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