Theodora Sutton is a student on the DPhil in Information, Communication & the Social Sciences.

Theodora is an OII DPhil student. Her research in digital anthropology examines digital detoxing and techno-anxiety, pre-digital nostalgia and the widespread cultural narrative of digital technology as inherently ‘lesser’ or less ‘natural’ than previous forms of communication.

Research interests

Digital Anthropology, Techno-anxiety, Digital Detoxing, Pre-digital nostalgia, Techno-utopia, Nature and ‘the natural’, Mediation, Social Media, Silicon Valley, Online dating, Digital addiction, Post techno-apocalyptic Narratives, Food and dieting, Eco Warriors, Healthism, History of Communication Technology, Western attitudes to Technological Change

Positions held at the OII

  • DPhil student, October 2015 –

Supervisors at the OII



  • Sutton, T. (2017) "Our Virtues and Devices: Exploring the Digital Detox" In: Are We All Addicts Now? Digital Dependence Bartlett, V. and Bowden-Jones, H. (eds.).

Journal articles


  • OxDeg: Ethics Panel I

    23 January 2019

    Panellists will reflect on ethical challenges in the context of digital ethnography and how they overcame any hurdles by sharing their approaches.