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OxDEG: The Oxford Digital Ethnography Group

OxDEG: The Oxford Digital Ethnography Group


The aim OxDEG is to provide a platform for cross-disciplinary collaboration among students and staff across the university with interests in digital ethnography and qualitative research practice in an online environment.

In October 2011, an unofficial interdisciplinary seminar group was started by Dr William Kelly of the School of Anthropology and Museum Ethnography (SAME) and Dr Eric T. Meyer of the Oxford Internet Institute (OII) to provide a space for students and faculty to meet to discuss ethnographic practice in the digital realm. The positive response from students and faculty across the university led to students taking a leading role in 2013 with a small grant from the Economic and Social Research Council through Oxford’s Doctoral Training in Social Science program. This year, we will have a combination of invited speakers and seminars to engage with the latest questions and research methods in digital ethnography.

The overarching theme is digital ethnography, broadly conceived. The group aims to extend inter-disciplinary academic research and collaboration among scholars at Oxford University interested in understanding rich, qualitative approaches to researching behaviour online. It will encompass a variety of research interests within this field, including digital visual anthropology as well as a variety of qualitative, ethnographic methodologies appropriate to the study of the digital environment.


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This project is ongoing.

Key Information

Project dates:
September 2013 - December 2020
Tomas Borsa