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Elizaveta Chernenko

DPhil Student

Elizaveta Chernenko

DPhil Student

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Lisa Chernenko is a DPhil candidate at the Oxford Internet Institute, Associate Researcher and a Project Lead in the Portulans Institute. Her doctoral research is generously funded by the OII Shirley Scholarship and the OII Dieter Schwarz Foundation Research Programme.

Lisa’s research explores the phenomenon of outgroup re-humanisation in online communication, which includes restoring undermined individualised perception of outgroup members unbiased evaluation and empathy as well as acknowledgement of agency and prosocial values in them. She closely examines linguistic facets of the phenomenon and delves into factors influencing re-humanisation effectiveness.

Lisa’s previous work addressed network factors in organisational conflict and the potential of digital platforms for conflict optimisation. She has extensive experience in organisational consulting and teaching Data Science and Social Network Analysis.

Positions at the OII

  • DPhil Student, October 2020 -



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