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Ben Bariach

Former MSc Student

Ben Bariach

Former MSc Student

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Ben is an alumnus of the Oxford Internet Institute and an expert in the safety and governance of artificial intelligence.

He currently leads the Operational Ethics & Safety team at Google DeepMind, where he has contributed to the development of pioneering generative AI models including Imagen 2Lyria, and Gemini. Ben has diverse industry experience spanning AI for social good partnerships, public policy and product roles.

At the University of Oxford, Ben was an Oxford-Reuben scholar, completing his MSc with distinction and serving as Vice President of the Oxford AI Society. His work at the OII focused on artificial intelligence policy and safety. Ben continues to research and write on topics at the intersection of AI, philosophy and governance.

Research Interests

AI Ethics and Governance; Emerging Technology Policy; Social Impact of Technology

Positions at the OII

  • MSc Student, September 2021 - September 2023


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