Jamie Cameron

Jamie Cameron uses 3D imaging to support learning through the online education platform 'Cabinet'.

Email: jamie.cameron@oii.ox.ac.uk

Jamie’s research interests include the digitisation of cultural heritage and 3D imaging, particularly photogrammetry. He has also published archaeological studies using radiocarbon dating and stable isotope geochemistry.

He began working at the OII in late 2015 as a Research Assistant for the project ‘Between Text and Object: Digital Transformation of Teaching through Objects’. Funded by the IT Innovation Seed Fund, the project is developing an online teaching platform – Cabinet – to improve accessibility to museum objects, art and monuments. Jamie is responsible for producing the platform’s 3D models.

2014  BA Archaeology and Anthropology (First Class), University of Cambridge

2015  MSc Archaeological Science, University of Oxford

Research Interests

Online Education, 3D imaging, digitisation of cultural heritage, photogrammetry, archaeological science, radiocarbon dating.

Position held at the OII

  • Research Assistant, December 2015 –

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