Dr Fabian Braesemann

Dr Fabian Braesemann is Data Scientist at the OII working on the Geonet and Big Data and Human Development projects. His research interest is on the application of data mining techniques on data sources like Web of Science, Twitter or Wikipedia.

Email: fabian.braesemann@oii.ox.ac.uk

Dr Fabian Braesemann is Data Scientist at the OII working on the Geonet and Big Data and Human Development projects. In these projects, he investigates Sub-Saharan Africa’s participation in the digital knowledge economy, online communities of Islam scholars on Twitter, mobile phone data on mobility in Rwanda’s capital Kigali, and outsourcing in online labour platforms.

Moreover, he investigates Wikipedia data as a means to approximate regional distribution of knowledge and human capital.

Broadly, Fabian’s research is on quantitative approaches in internet geography, digital inequality and participation in the knowledge economy.

Fabian holds a PhD in Economics from Vienna University of Economics and Business (2016). His doctoral research used statistical and data science methods to study concepts relevant for behavioural economics. He focused on a network analysis of behavioural economics articles, and on social capital and trust research.

Before joining the OII, Fabian worked as a Data Scientist at a Viennese based marketing company, where he applied statistical methods on customer data to optimise marketing efficiency of Austrian retail companies.

Research Interests:

Computational social science, Social data science, Mining big social data, Internet geography.

Selected Publications:

Stephany, F. and Braesemann, F. (2017) “An exploration of wikipedia data as a measure of regional knowledge distribution“, Lecture Notes in Computer Science (including subseries Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence and Lecture Notes in Bioinformatics). 10540 LNCS 31-40.

Position held at the OII:

Data Scientist, March 2017 –

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  • Big Data and Human Development

    Participants: Professor Mark Graham, Dr Fabian Braesemann

    The big data and human development research network aims to investigate the potential uses of 'big data' for advancing human development and addressing equity gaps.


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