Associate Professor, Senior Research Fellow, & British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow, Dr Sandra Wachter, and Research Fellow & British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow, Dr Brent Mittelstadt, Oxford Internet Institute, part of the University of Oxford, have won the University of California, Berkeley Law, Privacy Law Scholars Conference (PSLG) Junior Scholar’s award.

The award is in recognition for Dr Wachter and Dr Mittelstadt’s joint paper, “A Right to Reasonable Inferences Re-Thinking Data Protection Law in the Age of Big Data and AI”.

The paper was selected for the award by the Berkeley Centre for Law and Technology program committee which chooses papers based on the overall excellence of the work submitted by pre-tenure scholars.

Associate Professor, Senior Research Fellow & British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow, Dr Sandra Wachter is an established presence on the world stage for her ideas on law, ethics and Artificial Intelligence. She focuses her research on how law may be used to govern the design and application of artificial intelligence, working at the intersection of human rights law, internet policy, and socio-legal studies.

Dr Brent Mittelstadt, Research Fellow & British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow, is a widely regarded philosopher specialising in data ethics in relation to algorithms, machine learning, artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, big data, and medical expert systems.

Commenting on the award, Professor Philip Howard, Director of the Oxford Internet Institute, said:

“I’m delighted for Sandra and Brent and congratulate them both on their joint success. Their work on data protection law and its wider implications in the age of big data and AI is leading the way in shaping the debate and this latest award reflects their outstanding contribution.

For more information or to request an interview, please email Sara Spinks.

Download a copy of the paper on the SSRN website.