• Avatars can’t hide your lying eyes

    8 April 2010, New Scientist

    Ralph Schroeder comments on research showing that avatars with eye movements may promote trust in virtual communications

  • The Beer Belly of America

    17 March 2010, New York Times

    Mark Graham uses Google Maps data to shows the parts of the US where bars outnumber grocery stores, in order to chart drinking patterns and visualize how social values help shape economic markets.

  • Saving the web for the future

    2 March 2010, Computing.co.uk

    Christine Madsen comments on British Library plans for archiving web content: '...we need to develop the tools and services that allow library users to work with archived web sites - something that the Oxford Internet Institute has been looking at."'

  • National: US scientists crack ‘anonymous’ datasets

    24 January 2010, The Observer

    Ian Brown comments on the successful de-anonymisation of 'anonymous' datasets: '[...] Epidemiologists say they could do interesting research if they had access to more anonymous data. This shows it is difficult to do that in a way that can't be reversed.'

  • Defining the Decade

    16 December 2009, BBC Radio 4

    Bernie Hogan discusses the use of social networking tools.

  • Wikipedia’s known unknowns

    1 December 2009, The Guardian

    Marks Graham's analysis of Wikipedia entries reveals the world's knowledge deserts - which may provide a second wave of activity for the online encyclopedia.

  • Can creative industries survive digital onslaught?

    3 November 2009, Financial Times

    Ian Brown discusses the issue of how media businesses that provide content can survive against free online providers of news and other files. New business models are needed, he argues

  • Lessons from Europe on the Far Right

    26 October 2009, The Guardian

    Helen Margetts and others conclude that despite worrying confirmation the BNP has entered the mainstream of politics its standing has not been enhanced by Nic Griffin's BBC appearance

  • Pricing tricks put online retailers under the spotlight

    16 October 2009, The Times

    The Office of Fair Trading announces an investigation into targeted pricing and advertising. 'Greg Taylor [...] said that companies could extract higher prices from customers by asking them to register for a website.'

  • Digital Divide “Isolates Elderly”

    7 October 2009, PA Yahoo News

    Older people are becoming an increasingly isolated generation, excluded from large parts of daily life because of the Internet, a new study has found

  • Preparing for the digital afterlife

    1 October 2009, The Guardian Technology

    Yorick Wilks is quoted in an article looking at the increasing portion of our lives that is carried out online, and what happens to this data when people die