• Material World: So You Want to be a Scientist?

    26 July 2010, BBC Radio 4

    Dr Bernie Hogan (OII) and Nina Jones, finalist in BBC Radio 4's 'So You Want to Be A Scientist' project, discuss her research into the profile pictures we use to represent ourselves on Facebook. Dr Hogan is Nina's scientific mentor for the project.

  • The Difference Engine: The wisdom of crowds

    15 July 2010, The Economist

    Work by Sandra Gonzalez-Bailon and colleagues, using the emotional content in online discussions to predict how US presidents fare at election time, is referenced in a post on the significance of emotionally charged opinions in the economic sphere.

  • Net neutrality comes back to haunt Google

    14 July 2010, Financial Times

    In an article on possible investigation into Google's search processes Viktor Mayer-Schoenberger is reported as saying that Google's dominance may be less assured than it seems.

  • Democratic potential of the Fifth Estate

    21 June 2010, PerAda Magazine

    Bill Dutton sets out the background to the emergence of a 'Fifth Estate' where networked individuals use the power of the Internet to access information online and use it to better hold government and institutions to account.

  • “Football” crazy

    19 June 2010, The Economist

    Discussing Mark Graham's work that calculates the proportion of all geo-tagged internet content (linked to Google Map placemarks) mentioning the word "football" in the 32 countries competing in the 2010 World Cup.

  • Room to socialise

    14 June 2010, Research Information

    Lucy Power tells librarians at the UKSG annual conference about Friendfeed, an online networking tool used by life scientists which she believes is ripe for adoption by librarians as online collaboration becomes more and more crucial.

  • Iran: Beyond Twitter, the new revolution

    11 June 2010, Index on Censorship

    Mahmood Enayat on the aftermath of the disputed Iranian presidential election: he concludes that the green movement will need to look beyond the prescribed use of the Internet like YouTube, Twitter and Facebook for innovative solutions.

  • Facebook profile photo experiment goes live

    1 June 2010, BBC News

    Radio 4 science project finalist, 17 year old Nina Jones, talks about her Facebook experiment on the day it goes live and how her mentor, the OII's Bernie Hogan has helped shape her work.

  • Facebook Photo-fit

    26 April 2010, BBC Radio 4

    Bernie Hogan talks about finalist in 'So You Want to be a Scientist' competition

  • Avatars can’t hide your lying eyes

    8 April 2010, New Scientist

    Ralph Schroeder comments on research showing that avatars with eye movements may promote trust in virtual communications

  • The Beer Belly of America

    17 March 2010, New York Times

    Mark Graham uses Google Maps data to shows the parts of the US where bars outnumber grocery stores, in order to chart drinking patterns and visualize how social values help shape economic markets.