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What Happens After You Both Swipe Right: A Statistical Description of Mobile Dating Communications

With Dr Taha Yasseri
18 Oct 2016
With Dr Taha Yasseri

Our personal and social daily activities produce an unprecedented amount of data. These data provide a unique opportunity to tackle some of the most important sociological questions in a framework similar to the one of empirical natural sciences. Dr Taha Yasseri in interested in developing new techniques and methods for and applied to this sort of big transactional datasets. Moreover, Dr Yasseri is interested in developing mechanistic models — similar to ones in statistical mechanics — to go beyond observing patterns and correlations in platform-specific data, and generate general theories that not only explain causalities, but also provide quantitative predictions.

This is a “Fellow Short Talk” recorded at the Alan Turing Institute on 18 October 2016.

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