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Trust in the Internet as an Experience Technology

With Professor William H. Dutton
6 Nov 2006
With Professor William H. Dutton

Bill Dutton, Director of the OII, summarizes and discusses his article ‘Trust in the Internet as an experience technology’ which appears in the iCS Journal (iCS 9:433-451). The paper explores trust in cyberspace based on an analysis of data from an OII Oxford Internet Survey (OxIS) conducted using a multi-stage, national probability sample in Great Britain. Various perspectives are highlighted on the meaning of trust, drawing on findings from OxIS to explore and refine key social determinants of cybertrust.

Evidence from this research provides fresh insights into the factors shaping trust in the Internet, arguing that cybertrust, defined as a confident expectation, is influenced by experience, defined operationally by several indicators of proximity to the Internet, in ways shaped by educational background. The potential for using these results to better understand the role of trust on Internet use is addressed, as well as the more indirect implications for reinforcing digital divides.

Dutton, W.H. and Shepherd, A. (2006) Trust in the Internet as an experience technology. Information, Communication & Society 9:433-451.

This event is part of a series of webcasts linked to the Information,
Communication & Society (iCS) Journal.

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