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Social and Open Data Sources and Visualisation Methods for Urban Decision Making

Published on
2 Feb 2016
Written by
Jonathan Bright

One of the deliverables from the UrbanData2Decide project has just been published on the project website. It’s a report on social and open data sources and visualisation methods for urban decision makers, and was jointly authored by ourselves at the OII, SYNYO and the ODI. The main aim was to gather existing knowledge on what data could be used in the UD2D project, as well as producing a kind of catalogue of visualisation types, such as the infographic produced by the ODI below

peer-to-peer lending

or this kernel density map of Tweets in Vienna made by Stefano.

Vienna Tweets

The report was largely for internal consumption but we decided to publish it as well, as a potential useful starting point for other projects of the same nature. One of the things it brought home to me was the preliminary, exploratory feel of most work in this area, something we (tentatively) hope to improve on in our projects.

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