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Policy and Internet Calls for Special Issues

Published on
18 Feb 2014
The Editorial Board of Policy and Internet is pleased to announce a call for a Guest Editor for a Special Issue of the journal, to be published in 2015.

The Editorial Board of Policy and Internet is pleased to announce a call for a Guest Editor for a Special Issue of the journal, to be published in 2015. Either:

  • Volume 7, Issue 2 (June)
  • Volume 7, Issue 3 (September)

The journal was established in 2009 as the first major peer-reviewed journal investigating the implications of the Internet and associated technologies for public policy. It is published quarterly by Wiley-Blackwell, and edited by the Oxford Internet Institute (University of Oxford) for the Policy Studies Organization (PSO). The Editors are Professor Helen Margetts, Professor Luciano Floridi, Dr Vili Lehdonvirta, and Dr Sandra Gonzalez-Bailon.

Proposals should be send to the editors at: by 1 April 2014 (see below for requirements). Proposals will be evaluated for their relevance to the Policy and Internet readership, their timeliness and their academic quality.

About the Special Issue

Policy and Internet aims to be the premier venue for scholars and researchers to set the public policy agenda in the digital era. The journal is multidisciplinary: perspectives from any academic discipline are welcomed, particularly political science, economics, law, sociology, information science, communications, philosophy, computer science, psychology, management, geography and medicine.

Possible topics for a special issue might include (for example):

  • Collective action / public participation in policy-making
  • Privacy / surveillance / the coercive state
  • Big Data / predictive analytics for public policy
  • Open data / open government
  • Internet governance
  • Crime / law enforcement
  • Health
  • Online labour markets

Guest Editor Responsibilities

The Guest Editor/s will work in close collaboration with the editors of Policy and Internet. Duties of the Guest Editor/s will include:

  • Writing a Special Call for Papers and ensuring a wide (and targeted) release
  • Selecting and allocating reviewers for submitted and invited papers in collaboration with the journal editors
  • Selecting papers for the issue on the basis of the peer review. Guest editors are in charge of acceptance / rejection / revision and resubmission decisions and liaise closely with the editors on each of these decisions
  • Writing an Editorial to the special issue
  • Assisting the editors in preparing the issue manuscripts, in accordance with the published guidelines, so as to facilitate the publisher’s work and to ensure that the issue is published to schedule
  • Ensuring that the issue is coherent, relevant and important for the discipline, and of an excellent academic standard

Extra assistance with the above duties can be provided, if requested. Guest Editors will not be expected to be involved in any production work.

Special Issue Schedule

  • Special Issue proposal deadline: 1 April 2014
  • Decision: 15 April 2014
  • Special Call for Papers Issued: 1 May 2014
  • Submission Deadline: September 2014 or December 2014
  • Issue reviewed and accepted: February 2015 or May 2015
  • Issue published: June 2015 (Issue 2) or September 2015 (Issue 3)

How to Submit a Special Issue Proposal

Proposals for Special Issues must be submitted to the editors (email: by 1 April 2014, including:

  1. Proposed title
  2. An outline of the chosen theme, state of research in that area, timeliness and impact of special issue in academic and / or policy communities, a strategy for attracting top-quality papers, and target readership (500 words)
  3. A draft Call for Papers (no more than 300 words)
  4. Names, affiliations, contact details, short biographical information about the proposed Guest Editor/s, and Curriculum Vitae

Please contact the editors if you have any enquiries about the call or the journal.

Call Issued: 19 February 2014

Policy and Internet, Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford, 1 St Giles OX1 3JS, United Kingdom