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The Economics of Public Sector Information

With Professor Richard Susskind OBE
Date & Time:
10:00:00 - 17:00:00,
Thursday 18 March, 2004


This is the first of a projected series of annual, one-day seminars, convened by the Advisory Panel on Crown Copyright (APCC). The focus of this inaugural meeting will be on the economics of public sector information (PSI).

The APCC is of the view that there is considerable confusion and disagreement, amongst specialists and non-experts alike, as to the principles and policies that do and should underpin the use and re-use of PSI in the UK. Accordingly, the objectives of the day, in this context, are:

  • To identify where public policy and government thinking are clear
  • To identify where public policy and government thinking need clarification
  • For the APCC to identify issues over which a government re-think may be needed

The seminar will be held in plenary format and divided into four sessions that address the following issues:

  • Current policy, and contemporary economic thinking, on the use and re-use of PSI
  • European and US perspectives: the impact of different regimes
  • Who should pay and who should benefit from the re-use of PSI?
  • The challenges facing trading funds

The first two issues will be addressed in the morning, while the second pair will be confronted in the afternoon. For each subject, there will be one or more introductory provocations, followed by round-the-table discussions.

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