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Changing Perceptions of the Online World: Trust and Privacy

With Professor William H. Dutton, Dr Grant Blank, and Dr Alison Preston
Date & Time:
13:00 - 15:00,
Tuesday 5 October, 2010


This workshop is the fourth in a series of events looking at trends and insights emerging from the OII’s OxIS surveys. The workshop will focus on changes in the attitudes of Britons toward trust and privacy in the online world. Key topics to be covered include:

  • Have levels of trust online declined? What factors account for trust in the Internet?
  • Do people in the UK see their privacy at greater risk online? What individuals or groups are most concerned over their privacy online? How are risks to privacy related to the perception of other online risks?

The workshop will incorporate brief presentations of new research findings anchored in trends emerging from the OxIS surveys conducted since 2003. Presentations will be led by senior OII academics and include analysis of policy-relevant survey data and moderated discussion. Ofcom’s research team will also present key findings of its own work in these same areas to help identify areas of convergence and areas in which more information is needed to discern underlying trends.