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Black Heroes of the Internet – Juliana Rotich

Published on
1 Oct 2020
Written by
Victoria Nash

Juliana Rotich is an extraordinarily impressive social entrepreneur who has embraced the potential of digital technologies to connect individuals or communities in search of both economic and public good. Her co-founding of Ushahidi provided open source mapping tools that continue to be used worldwide to document evidence of violence and corruption, whilst her more recent project BRCK provides rugged solar and battery-powered Internet connectivity and is now the largest public WiFi provider in sub-Saharan Africa.  

She is currently Head of Strategic Partnerships at Boya Limited, a fintech firm she co-founded in Nairobi but she also continues to lead through her work as a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader, TED Senior Fellow and an Instructor for the GovLab at NYU.

Juliana was nominated by Professor Victoria Nash, Deputy Director, Associate Professor, and Senior Policy Fellow as part of a series highlighting the Black Heroes of the Internet, as nominated by OII students and staff.

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