• The Next Oxford Internet Survey (OxIS): A London Workshop

    Date: Friday 4 June 2004

    Speakers: Professor William H. Dutton, Andrea Millwood Hargrave, Professor Richard Rose

    This meeting will discuss ways to build on the first Oxford Internet Survey (OxIS), conducted in the early summer of 2003, which will continue to play a role in the World Internet Project.

  • Requirements for Free / Open Source Software

    Date: Thursday 27 May 2004

    Speakers: Dr Walt Scacchi

    Walt Scacchi will present findings from an ongoing empirical study of technical, organizational and other social processes that shape the development of free / open source software (F/OSS).

  • Universal Access to all Knowledge

    Date: Monday 24 May 2004

    Speakers: Brewster Kahle

    The goal of universal access to our cultural heritage is within our grasp. With current digital technology we can build comprehensive collections, and with digital networks we can make these available to students and scholars all over the world.

  • Social Media Spaces

    Date: Wednesday 5 May 2004

    Speakers: Dr Tim Regan

    Social media spaces are about the gathering of people to consume and to create media. Tim Regan charts some examples of such spaces from his own research.

  • Technology at Work: Some Perspectives from Research

    Date: Wednesday 21 April 2004

    Speakers: Professor Wanda Orlikowski

    A seminar presenting data from a field study exploring the ongoing uses of information technologies within the local work practices of a few organizations.

  • Security and the Politics of e-Voting Research

    Date: Friday 19 March 2004

    Speakers: Professor William H. Dutton, Thierry Vedel, Professor Barbara Simons, Professor Stephen Coleman

    Dr Barbara Simons summarizes the findings of a paper she co-authored: A Security Analysis of the Secure Electronic Registration and Voting Experiment (SERVE).

  • The Economics of Public Sector Information

    Date: Thursday 18 March 2004

    Speakers: Professor Richard Susskind OBE

    This is the first of a projected series of annual, one-day seminars, convened by the Advisory Panel on Crown Copyright (APCC). The focus of this inaugural meeting will be on the economics of public sector information (PSI).

  • Nation States and Internet Enforcement

    Date: Tuesday 9 March 2004

    Speakers: Dr Joel R. Reidenberg

    The movement to re-engineer the Internet infrastructure both by public and private actors facilitates nation-state enforcement of legal and policy decisions against foreign activities on the Internet.

  • Issues in Online Personalisation

    Date: Friday 5 March 2004

    Speakers: Professor Charles D. Raab, Professor Ari-Veikko Antiroiko, Dr Davide Calenda, Professor Daniel Greenwood, Professor Jon Riedl, Dr Ian Walden

    Summary to come.

  • Whom does the Internet Need More: Computer Scientists or Social Scientists?

    Date: Friday 30 January 2004

    Speakers: Professor Yorick Wilks, Dr Thomas Melham, Professor Steve Woolgar

    This seminar addresses the perception of a supposed divide between social scientific and computer science approaches to study of the Internet. It asks what each has to offer, and to what extent a more collaborative vision is appropriate and possible.

  • The Next Level in e-Learning

    Date: Thursday 22 January 2004

    Speakers: Diana Laurillard, John Naisbitt, Professor Everett Rogers

    This forum aims to explore the potential offered by more widespread use of the Internet in learning as well as identifying some of the most significant factors inhibiting or encouraging its creative use.