The World Wide Web of Humanities project aims to establish a framework for e-Humanities (also called Digital Humanities) research using available open source tools and technologies and archived web content to create novel research interfaces to the first of many, scholarly, e-Humanities web collections.

This workshop presented the results of this project in the context of general panel discussions about the role of digitisation in the practices of humanities researchers now and in the future.






The Internet Archive: Extracting the data

Speaker unknown


Hanzo Archives Ltd.: Working with the data (The Internet Archive project uses sample collections of materials relating to World Wars I and II in anticipation of further development of tools for working with the large volumes of data housed in the archive)

M.Middleton, Y.Hafri


Selecting and analysing the WWI and WWII collections

Christine Madsen, Dr Eric Meyer

This project was funded by the Joint Information Systems Committee

Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC)

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