• Content regulation

    Recorded: 11 November 2015

    Duration: 01:09:35

    Dr Victoria Nash provides an overview of the issues around regulation of content regulation including who wins, and who loses, if we adjust the balance of responsibility for content online.

  • Information Security

    Recorded: 23 October 2015

    Duration: 01:22:11

    Dr Joss Wright provides an overview of what we mean by ‘security’ in the context of computer networks, the technologies that users can adopt to improve their security, and also the responsibilities this imposes on governments and organisations.

  • How the network of networks works

    Recorded: 16 September 2015

    Duration: 01:08:03

    Professor Chris Marsden introduces the basic features of Internet architecture and how it is governed, as well as to ‘hot topic’ policy issues related to internet access generally.

  • Privacy

    Recorded: 15 September 2015

    Duration: 00:37:18

    Ben Zevenbergen provides an overview of current policy developments in the data protection and privacy spheres.