In their 2015 book Knowledge Machines: Digital Transformations of the Sciences and Humanities, Eric Meyer and co-author Ralph Schroeder argue that digital technologies have fundamentally changed research practices in the sciences, social sciences, and humanities.

In this talk, Meyer will discuss evidence from a series of projects examining digital practices of knowledge creation, information sharing, and resource use, and will put these in the context of what challenges they raise for libraries, museums, galleries, and other memory institutions.


About the speakers

  • Professor Eric Meyer

    Oxford Internet Institute

    Eric is Professor of Social Informatics and Director of Graduate Studies at the Oxford Internet Institute, a multidisciplinary department at the University of Oxford, which undertakes teaching and research focused on understanding life online.

    Eric’s work focuses on shifts in work, knowledge creation, and human interactions when digital technologies replace previously non-digital counterparts. His research in this area has included studies of the impacts of digital collections in libraries and museums, digital practices in the arts, the use of digital images in biology, and digital information practices in the sciences and humanities.