Cyberspace, a world of great promise, but also, of great peril. Pirates, predators, and hackers galore, are you and your online identity at risk in this wild frontier? In this talk I reflect on some of the security and privacy risks to our presence in cyberspace and use of digital technologies. This work focuses specifically on the risks of social media (yes, I mean you with that Twitter / Facebook / Instagram / … account), the way we expose information unknowingly via emails (that’s right, it’s not only incoming emails that are a problem!), and the fact that our devices are constantly leaking our personal information (including where you live and who your close friends are…). Come along, I guarantee it will be lots of fun, and maybe a bit scary…!

About the speakers

  • Dr Jason R.C. Nurse

    Research Fellow

    Jason is a Research Fellow in Computer Science, a Lecturer within the Centre for Doctoral Training in Cyber Security (CDT), a JR Fellow in Wolfson College Oxford, and a member of Cyber Security Oxford. In his role, he is primarily responsible for pursing novel approaches to maintain organisational and individual cybersecurity. The range of projects that Jason has been involved in include: Identity Security in Cyberspace, Privacy and Security in the Internet of Things, Risk Assessment for Coupled Systems, Cybersecurity Capacity Models, The Effectiveness of Cybersecurity Controls, Security and Transparency of Procedures in E-Voting, Corporate Insider Threat Detection: Cyber Security Inside and Out (CITD), and TEASE (Trust Enabling Augmented-Reality Support for Information-Environments).

    For Jason’s research into Identity Security in Cyberspace, he was nominated as a Rising Star within EPSRC’s RISE awards campaign. RISE stands for Recognising Inspirational Scientists and Engineers, and is a new initiative by the UK funding body, EPSRC, to recognise outstanding researchers and their efforts. Jason regularly gives public lectures and seminars on his work into identity security, and has spoken at the Hay-on-Wye Festival, Café Scientifique Oxford, Oxford’s Annual Christmas Science Lectures, and Oxford’s #SocialHumanities events. Find out more on Twitter @jasonnurse!

    Outside of academia, Jason has had roles in industry ranging from software development to Web application development, and researching the application and exploitation of new technologies within business. This has given him a unique insight into security from an organisational and individual perspective.