Voluntary organizations are key actors within contemporary democratic polities. To be so raises crucial questions about their performance along three dimensions of democratic behaviour: their citizen engagement, their legitimacy, and their public accountability. These questions of performance are made sharper as the World Wide Web brings forward new imperatives and opportunities for these organizations to perform along each of these three dimensions.

Eleanor Burt and John Taylor summarize and discusses their article ‘How well do voluntary organizations perform on the web as democratic actors?’ published in the iCS Journal. The article develops and sets out an analytical framework through which an evaluation can begin of whether and how voluntary organizations are using the Web to support and enhance their engagement along these three democratic dimensions

This event is part of a series of webcasts linked to the Information,
Communication & Society (iCS) Journal.

About the speakers

  • Professor John Taylor

    Caledonian Business School, Glasgow

    Professor Taylor has worked extensively in public service organisations, as employee, researcher and consultant. Academically he is particularly interested in the transition being attempted by many public and non profit organisations to becoming more consumer oriented. He is also concerned with the transition of public utilities to market sensitive organisations within which the age-old commitment to universal service is challenged. His core focus within each of these areas is upon the role of information and communication technologies in enabling or limiting these changes.

  • Dr Eleanor Burt

    School of Management, University of St Andrews

    Dr Eleanor Burt specialises in policy and management in the voluntary sector, with a particular focus upon e-enabled strategic positioning and the co-production of public services within the ‘electronic mixed economy’. She has presented written and oral evidence to major commissions on the voluntary sector and has recently been an expert advisor to the Regulatory Impact Unit and the Better Regulation Task Force, The Cabinet Office.