Dr Duncan Watts discusses the opportunities and challenges posed by big data for research and public policy-making during his closing keynote of the conference Internet, Politics, Policy 2012: Big Data, Big Challenges? organised by the OII-edited journal Policy and Internet (Oxford, 20-21 September 2012).

About the speakers

  • Professor Duncan Watts

    Principal Researcher, Microsoft Research

    Duncan Watts is a principal researcher at Microsoft research. He was previously principal research scientist at Yahoo! Research, where he directed the Human Social Dynamics group. He is also an adjunct senior research fellow at Columbia University, and an external faculty member of the Santa Fe Institute and Nuffield College, Oxford. His research on social networks and collective dynamics has appeared in a wide range of journals, from Nature, Science, and Physical Review Letters to the American Journal of Sociology. He is also the author of Everything is Obvious: *Once You Know The Answer (2011), Six Degrees: The Science of a Connected Age (W.W. Norton, 2003) and Small Worlds: The Dynamics of Networks between Order and Randomness (Princeton University Press, 1999). He holds a B.Sc. in Physics from the University of New South Wales, and Ph.D. in Theoretical and Applied Mechanics from Cornell University.