SUBITO is designed to research and further develop automated real time detection of abandoned luggage, fast identification of the individual responsible and his/her subsequent path and current location.


The SUBITO programme has been developed to address Theme 10 – Security, specifically Topic SEC-2007-2.3-01 Detection of Unattended Goods and of Owner. It will focus on the automated real time detection of abandoned luggage or goods and the fast identification of the individual who left them and their subsequent path. The key design drivers will include an assessment of the situations faced in such scenarios, and the existing security equipment available that will support the automatic operation of such functionality. Automated processing will be developed to address the requirements, ultimately integrated to form part of a customer demonstration. To achieve the above, the SUBITO programme brings together; · Key technical expertise in state-of-the-art processing and detection and tracking algorithms · Industry leaders sensor data processing, sensor design and sensor systems integration · A consortium of End Users providing real knowledge of the threat and practical experience of the various operating environments.