This project aims to develop a set of lenses for analyzing Wikipedia’s geographical scope whilst employing a reflexive analytical process to expose the makings of the ‘big data’ that we will produce.


In collaboration with a multidisciplinary group of researchers from the Oxford and Minnesota, this project aims to build a series of visualizations to investigate the geographical scope of Wikipedia. The key research question for the project is to understand to what extent Wikipedia reflects different narratives of the world in its different language versions by analysing the provenance of Wikipedia’s sources and citations. Instead of merely presenting the analyses as clean, closed visualizations, the team will document the process as it evolves, highlighting the decisions made to select particular data for each dataset. The goals of the project are twofold: to produce rigorous analyses that bring Wikipedia’s geographical scope to the forefront, and to experiment with a method and model for researchers to produce rigorous analyses that can be replicated and/or interrogated in the future.


This research is supported by Oxford University’s John Fell Fund.

Fell Fund


  • Professor Mark Graham

    Oxford Internet Institute

    Principal Investigator

  • Dr Heather Ford

    Oxford Internet Institute

  • Brent Hecht

    University of Minnesota

  • Dave Musicant

    Carleton College

  • Shilad Sen

    Macalester College