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e-Science policy guidelines

e-Science policy guidelines


The purpose of this invitational workshop was to articulate and coordinate policy guidelines for international organisations, national governments and private foundations on open access publication and sharing of publicly funded scientific and technical data and information. Coordination on approaches to the design of contractual agreements for inter-organisational support and participation in collaborative research projects was the second major theme of this workshop.

The case for attention to the institutional infrastructures for e-Science has been more recently restated in OII Research Report No. 4 (David 2004), a document prepared for the workshop on networks of knowledge organisation by the European Commission (EC), the US National Science foundation (NSF), and the OECD, which was held in Brussels in June 2004.

Prof. David was invited to make a presentation based on this work at a major international conference on ‘Advancing Knowledge and the Knowledge Economy’, held at the National Academy of Science in Washington, DC in January 2005, also with EC, NSF and OECD sponsorship.

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October 2002 - September 2005

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Professor Paul Allan David

Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford