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AI in the News: Reshaping our Information Ecosystem

AI in the News: Reshaping our Information Ecosystem


Journalism faces a decline of traditional business models. News leaders are increasingly pressured to reorient toward data-driven logics. Many news organisations now bet big on AI investments, hoping that the technology can generate additional revenue or free up staff time.

But problems emerge: Some journalists fear being replaced with AI; There are possible frictions between journalistic values and the values encoded into AI systems and infrastructures; Little is known about the impact of AI on the news and the health of our public discourse. AI also poses the risk of making news organisations even more reliant on the technology and platforms companies that dominate in AI development—potentially aggravating the economic problems that news organisations face.

The aim of this project was to identify key issues in this space and start a conversation among academic and industry leaders about those issues. These included:

  1. How news organisations and journalists negotiate these tensions,
  2. How they accommodate or resist the dominance of the technology sector in this space, and
  3. What are the potential long-term implications of these developments for the news industry and our information ecosystems—and thus public discourse—at large?

Starting in March 2021, this project investigated these and related questions, generously funded by Oxford University’s Research Centre in the Humanities (TORCH) and the Minderoo-Oxford Challenge Fund in AI Governance and with administrative support from the Oxford Internet Institute and Balliol College. The aim of the project, led by Felix M. Simon and co-launched by Prof Gina Neff, was to identify key issues in this space, collect evidence, and start a conversation among academic and industry leaders about those issues.

These efforts culminated in a public symposium held at Balliol College on 25th May 2023, which sought to foster discussions between industry experts, academics, and students on the key issues identified during the active research phase. The summary report provides an overview of the main themes that emerged and outlines recommendations as well as blind spots to be addressed in future research.

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    March 2021 - July 2023
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