Robert is Professor in Cognitive Neuroscience at the Department of Psychiatry (University of Oxford), working on a study of the characteristics of online gamblers in collaboration with the OII. The dominant theme of his research is the neural substrates of cognitive control, action selection and emotional decision-making in both health and psychological illness such as substance misuse and personality disorder. His work involves a mixture of cognitive psychology, psychopharmacology and brain imaging methodologies. Recently, he has begun to investigate the neural mechanisms of the cognitive biases that promote problem gambling behaviour.

Positions held at the OII

  • Research Associate, January 2007 – November 2019


Past projects

  • Clinical and psychological characteristics of Internet gamblers: web-based survey

    Participants: Professor William H. Dutton, Dr Victoria Nash, Joanne Lloyd, Professor Robert D. Rogers, John Geddes, Guy Goodwin

    Expanding our understanding of online gambling by undertaking a web-based survey of users of Internet gambling sites, covering areas such as demographic and occupational characteristics, psychological characteristics, and attitudes to risk.